Weekly Business Quiz # 306

Q 1. Which credit card network will launch a ‘Pay by Selfie’ method of authentication ?

Ans. Mastercard

Q 2. What fashion trend was set by the Aloha shirt in the 1960s which continues to this day ?

Ans. Friday dresssing – Business casual shirts

Q3. What unique credit does Rajendra Ambalal Shah a lawyer in Mumbai based Crawford Bailey and Co have in Corporate India ?

Ans.  He is an independent director in 10 companies many over 30 years.

Q4. On e-commerce many B2C sites mention how their GMV is growing to justify high valuations.What is GMV ?

Ans. Gross merchandise value

Q5. Microsoft launched a Windows 10 wearable device recently. What is it called ?

ms band

Ans. Band-2

Q6. What is the area of work for this year’s Economics Nobel winner Angus Deaton ?

Ans. Welfare Economics

Q7. Which company has Dell acquired for a whopping 67 Bn $ making it the biggest tech acquisition ?

Ans. EMC

Q8. IRCTC and Apollo have launched a medical train. Between which two cities will the experimental service begin first ?

Ans. Kolkata and Chennai. It will bring medical tourists from East and be stationed for 3 days and take them back.

Q9. Name the advertiser


Ans. Practo

Q 10. Coffee Day Enterprises whose IPO opens tomorrow owns 16 % stakes in a listed software company. Name the software company

Ans. Mindtree technologies

  • Compiled by G.Mohan @go_mohan

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