Weekly Business Quiz # 291

Q 1.  He bought and sold MGM 3 times.At one time owned more than 50 % of the hotel rooms in Vegas. Name this son of a Armenian immigrant farmer.

Ans. Kirk Kerkorian

Q 2. In which company was Swaraj kaushal, husband of Sushma Swaraj offered the position of alt director by Lalit Modi, which he declined ?

Ans. Indofil Chemicals

Q 3. With which cable TV company in US would you associate Ralph Roberts ?

Ans. Comcast

Q 4. Name the disruptive medical diagnostics firm from USA founded by Elizabeth Holmes, world’s youngest self made female billionaire.

Ans. Theranos

Q 5. Surinder Kapur, who died recently, had founded an auto component firm Sona Steeering. Why it was named Sona ?

Ans. He comes froma family of jewellers that own Kapur di Hatti in Delhi

Q6. Which music app/web-site is the producer of the film ‘Dil Ka Gaana” ?

Ans. Gaana

Q 7. Companies like Vodafone, Accenture, Citibank, Mondelez have introduced New Parents policy which replaces the Maternity leave. What’s unique ?

Ans. They allow leave for adoption and surrogate parenthood to both the parents also

Q8. What is the new name for the old and popular brand Cadbury’s Eclairs ?

Ans. Choclairs

Q9. What is unique about the new bank ATOM Bank that has been given approval in UK ?

Ans. First bank with no physical branches , no website also .completely digital or virtual in nature , just an App.

Q 9. RattanIndia Power is the new name for which company ?

Ans. Indiabulls Power

Q 10. Identify the company whose 1st year anniversary is being celebrated by its founders


Ans. Oracle

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan


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