Weekly Business Quiz # 289

Q 1.This century old brand of heavy duty glass was originally used in rail road lanterns. It is mfd by World Kitchen under licence from Corning.

Ans. Pyrex

Q 2. Apple Music has been launched in India. What are they charging as subscription per month for an individual and a family pack ?

Ans. Rs 120 per month for a single and Rs 199 for a family pack

Q 3. Which brand has created India’s first lesbian TV commercial ?

Ans. Anouk from Myntra

Q 4. With Twitter CEO Dick Costolo being asked to step down who will take over as the CEO of Twitter from July 1 ?

Ans. Jack Dorsey as an interim CEO

Q 5. Who has been appointed as President -News for Times Now and ET Now ?

Ans. Arnab Goswami

Q 6. Ogilvy UK has launched a specialism called Ogilvy Pride. What is special about this specialism ?

Ans targeting the LGBT community

Q7. This is a new Pizza launched by Pizza Hut in USA. Name it.


Ans. Hotdog Pizza

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan


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