Weekly Business Quiz # 287

Q1. What is the new name for the TV channel Headlines Today ?

Ans. India Today

Q2, Who has launched Zip a hotel aggregator in competition to OYO ?

Ans. Keshav Baljee of Royal Orchid hotels

Q3, What is the name given to the OS launched by Google for Internet of Things ?

Ans. Brillo

Q4. As Shantanu Khosla quits as head of P & G India, who will replace him ?

Ans. Al Rajwani is correct

Q5.Which sportswear company has got caught in the FIFA corruption scandal ?

Ans. Nike

Q6. What is special about the Kenton Lee shoes ?


Ans. It can increase upto 5 sizes , so useful for growing up kids

Q7. Who will be promoting the newly launched TV channel ‘ DD Kisan’ ? What will be its tagline ?

Ans. Amitabh Bachchan , Badlate Bharat ki Shaan

Q8. Who said this ” You are pale, you are dark, you are brown or you are black there is nothing called fair. So stop using this humiliating word and I think the government should ban these products and I have actually said no to many such products and that’s why you see me in very few endorsements. I think these things are sort of instilling an inferiority complex in our youth, in our women, in our men and it’s just stupid,” ?

Ans. Kangana Ranaut

Q9. What is special about the Iba cosmetics store in Ahmedabad ?

Ans. It only sells Halal cosmetics

– Compiled by G.Mohan @go_mohan



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  2. is jagran josh is related to this site. Cause i can get the same question here and at jagran as well?


    • Dear Ravi,
      No. This page does not supply questions to any other site including Jagran Josh. If you see similar questions then it is being done without our knowledge. Thanks for bringing it to our notice.



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