Weekly Business Quiz # 279

Q 1. FedEx has acquired its rival TNT Express. What does TNT stand for ?

Ans. Thomson Nationwide Transport

Q2. What well known service that India Post ran for 135 years has been discontinued recently ?

Ans,. Money Order ( the traditional way). It has been replaced by eMO.

Q 3. “For sale : baby shoes, never worn” is an example of a new category of ultra short stories. What is the category called ?

Ans. Flash fiction

Q 4. Stanford has made tuition free for students whose family income is below a certain amount. What is the figure ?

Ans. US $ 125,000 per annum

Q 5. Delhi had a Rs 25 crore robbery, the biggest ever,recently. What did the truck contain ?

Ans. Samsung phone parts

Q6. This Amul ad is in response to which recent controversy ?

amul dp

Ans. Vogue video “My Choice”featuring Deepika Padukone

Q 7. Which car co has replaced Mahindra and Mahindra as the 3rd in car sales in March 2015 ?

Ans. Honda

Q8. Which business group has asked its employees to give up LPG subsidy voluntarily in keeping with PM Modi’s appeal ?

Ans. Tata Group

Q9. Who is the first professional woman to be inducted in the Tata Sons board ?

Ans. Farida Khambata

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan


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