Weekly Business Quiz # 271

Q1.Which airport has overtaken Heathrow to become the world’s busiest airport in 2014 ?

Ans. Dubai

Q2. Adam Goettl from Mexico invented the air cooler in 1930. The company he created IMPCO is now part of an Indian co. Name it.
Ans. Symphony

Q3. What ingredient does the Finnish co Valio supply to many brands across the world ?

Ans.Bacteria for the pro biotic yoghurt or drinks

Q4, Which US state has legalised marijuana cultivation giving rise to many ‘canibusinesses’ ?
Ans. Colorado

Q5. With which bank has Reliance Industries tied up to apply for a Payments Bank licence ?

Ans, SBI

Q6. Which major two retailers in US are likely to merge and form a office supplies retail giant ?

Ans, Office Depot and Staples

Q7. Identify the logo.
Ans. China Eastern Airlines
Q8. This is a toy which has been giving 3D images to kids for the last 65 years. It will now get a high-tech variant soon. Name the toy and its brand owners.
View Master
Ans. View Master, Mattel
Q9. What is unique about this TESCO store in South Korea ?
Ans.Virtual store to place orders from bus tops and railway stations
– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan

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