Weekly Business Quiz # 272

Q1. Which two countries are dropping Union Jack from their flags ?

Ans. fiji and New Zealand

Q2. StarTV has acquired the Telugu TV network Maa TV. Who were the promoters of Maa TV ?

Ans.Nimmagadda Prasad, Chiranjeevi and Nagarjuna

Q3. Baltic Dry Index is at a 28 year low. What does Baltic index measure ?

Ans. Shipping freight for dry cargo

Q4.Which brand made popular an edible starch made out of maize in UK in 1954 ?

Ans. Brown and Polson custard powder

Q5.Name this Swedish artillery maker which has been in business since 1646 AD. It started as a steel producer. It was briefly owned by Nobel.

Ans. Bofors

Q6.Which pharma giant started life as Engel Apotheke in Darmastadt, Germany in 1668 AD. Even today the family owns 70 % stake.?

Ans. Merck

Q7.ITC has acquired the brand Savlon from Johnson and Johnson. Who had initially discovered and developed Savlon ?

Ans. ICI

Q8.Raymond’s have a new microsite Raymondmtm dot com. What does MTM stand for ?

Ans. Made to Measure

Q9.Nandan Nilekani will be launching a new social enterprise called Ek Step. In which field will this operate ?

Ans. Primary education

Q 10. Punit Renjen a man of Indian origin will take over as the global head of a Big 4 firm. Name the firm.

Ans. Deloitte

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan

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