Weekly Business Quiz # 254

Q 1. Which country’s Prime Minister has blamed Apple for killing it’s entire economy ?
Ans. Finland

Q 2. French Economist Jean Tirole has been awarded the Nobel Prize for Economics this year. What is his major contribution ?

Ans. Market power and regulations

Q3. For what products is Etsy becoming a successful e-marketplace ?

Ans. Hand made products

Q4. What innovation was initially called as ‘Bull’s Eye’ because it was a series of concentric circles ?

Ans. Bar code

Q5. Which brand of packet tea is owned by Gujarat Tea Processors and Packets Ltd ?

Ans. Wagh Bakri

Q6. Who is the author of the book ‘ Supermarketwala’ ?

Ans. Damodar Mall of Future Gp.

Q7. In US what is the RICO Act ? Expand RICO

Ans. Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organisations Act

Q8. Reliance has launched a constituion to define policies and processes inside the co for its employees. What is it called ?

Ans.Reliance Management Services

Q9. Name the only country in the world where the law prevents airlines from charging for excess baggage .

Ans. Brazil

Q 10. What comment by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has annoyed a lot of women in the tech industry ?

Ans. Don’t ask for raises, trust karma .

Q 11. Under what brandname has Google launched its smartwatch ?

Ans. Moto 360

Q 12. Which car is available on rent on self driving basis @ 399 per day from Carzonrent in Delhi ?

Ans. Tata Nano

Q 13. Which iconic advertising campaign in India was inspired by ‘Heartbeat of America’ campaign by Chevrolet in 1980s ?

Ans. Hamara Bajaj campaign by Bajaj Auto

Q 14. While Modi is talking about ‘Make in India’ which international major is closing down its cellphone mfg facility in Chennai by October 31st?

Ans. Nokia

Q 15. After a long time Physics Nobel prize has been awarded to scientists who worked in private labs. In which companies’ private labs were Dr Nakamura and Professor Akasaki employed when they developed the blue LED ?

Ans.Dr Nakamura worked for Nichia Chemicals and Prof Akasaki with Matsushita ( now Panasonic) when the research was done

Q 16. He is a Baba, a Baba of the Marketing kind. Identify him.

Baba Shiv

Ans. Baba Shiv of Stanford Business School

Q 17. He is the most valuable sports brand as per the recent Forbes Fab 40 list. He endorses Nike, McDonalds, Coca Cola and a few others. identify him.


Ans. LeBron James of Miami Heats

Q 18. Identify these twins and the companies for which they have been named directors.


Ans.Akash and Isha Ambani ..Reliance Retail and Reliance Jio boards respectively

Q 19. This is a visual from the video for a luxury watch brand that has gone viral. Name the brand and the tagline.


Ans. Cartier – Shape Your Time

Q 20. Who established Rugmark (now known as Goodweave) as the first voluntary labelling, monitoring and certification system of rugs manufactured without the use of child-labour in South Asia ?


Ans. Kailash Satyarthi, Nobel Laureate

Q 21. What is innovative in the design of Samsonite Marshmallow luggage ?


Ans.  It is egonomically designed to sit comfortably while waiting

Q 22. Which co has launched this drink in US and why the name Caleb ?


Ans. Pepsi,The drink is the invention of Caleb Bradham, Named after its inventor.

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan


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