Weekly Business Quiz # 255

Q1. Which Indian company has created a ‘shadow board’ made up of executives below 35 years of age who discuss the same issues as the co. board

Ans. Mahindra and Mahindra

Q2. Which ecommerce site has signed Shah Rukh Khan as its brand ambassador ?

Ans. Yepme

Q 3. What is the unique feature of Skype Qik a recently launched app ?

Ans. Self destructing video messaging

Q 4. As per a recent Credit Suisse report what % of global middle class with wealth of 10K – 100 k $ are in India ?

Ans. 3 %

Q 5. Name this Delhi based business tycoon who started hockey, football and later first Indian Open professional golf tournament long back

Ans. DCM Chief Bharat Ram

Q 6. After the success of biopics on Milkha and Mary Kom, Yellow Lemon wants to make feature films on business leaders . Which 3 have they chosen ?

Ans. Narayana Murthy, Kiran Mazumdar Shaw and Sachin Bansal

Q 7. Who has been awarded as the EuroMoney Central Bank Governor of the year 2014 ?

Ans. RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan

Q 8. Why is settlement risk in foreign currency settlements in banks also known as Herstatt risk ?

Ans. A German bank named Herstatt defaulted which led to the chain of defaults……systematic risk

Q 9. In 1924, the manufacturers of incandescent light bulbs formed a cartel called Phoebus cartel. What did the cartel decide on ?

Ans. The cartel was a convenient way to lower costs and worked to standardise the life expectancy of light bulbs at 1000 hours, while at the same time raising prices without fear of competition. Members’ bulbs were regularly tested and fines were levied for bulbs that lasted more than 1000 hours.

Q 10. IndiGo has placed a large order for AirBus 320 Neo planes making it the biggest. how many planes ?

Ans. 250

Q 11. Apple and Facebook have agreed to pay for an employee friendly benefit for female employees. What is the benefit ?

Ans. Company will pay for Freezing their eggs upto 20000 $

Q 12. European motorcycles have a AHO feature which is soon going to be made mandatory among Indian bikes too. What is AHO ?

Ans. Automatic headlights On

Q 13 Not one album has gone platinum in 2014. Sales of how many copies of an album makes it go ‘platinum’ ?

Ans. 1 Million

Q 14. It is widely known that after the invention of printing press by Gutenberg bible was the first. What was printed second ?

Ans. Cicero’s D”Officie

Q15. Which Japanese company has made the first commercial jet to come out of Japan in the last 50 years ?

Ans. Mitsubishi

Q 16. What are the Diwali gifts given by Surat Jewellery firm Hari Krishna Exports to its employees ?

Ans. Cars, jewellery or flats

Q 17. At a time when football is seeing a revival with Indian Super League, which well known Kolkata club is closing down because of bankruptcy ?

Ans. Mohammedan Sporting Club

Q 18. IBM is selling its chip making unit to Global Foundries. Who is paying whom and how much ?

Ans. IBM will pay 1.5 Bn $ to Global Foundries to take over the loss making unit

Q 19. The first person to affix magnetic media to a plastic card for data storage was IBM engineer ______ . This was back in the early 1960s. The story goes that he wanted to combine a strip of magnetized tape with a plastic identity card for officials of the CIA, and he couldn’t figure out how to do it. When he mentioned his problem to his wife, who happened to be ironing clothing at the time, she suggested that he use the iron to essentially melt the strip on. And that’s what he did. IBM became a pioneer in magnetic stripe technology. Name the IBM engineer who is credited with the magnetic stripe card invention used so widely in debit cards, credit cards and identity cards.

Ans. Forrest Parry

Q 20. The ________ was pioneered in the 19th century and became popular in continental Europe. It took off in Britain and America in the 1930s, when publishers such as Penguin and New American Library began mass-producing cheap but well-designed reproductions of older texts, aimed at a new generation of readers who could not afford hardbacks.

Ans. Paperback

Q 21. Which hotel chain owns these brands ?

park regis

Ans. Staywell Hospitality Group ( Australia)

Q 22. Identify these friends who are founders of a well known cosmetics co.


Ans. RS Agarwal and RS Goenka of Emami Ltd.

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan


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