Weekly Business Quiz # 253

Q 1. In Amazon for what is the ‘2 pizza rule’ applicable ?

Ans. Never have a meeting where two pizzas can’t feed the entire group.

Q 2. Strides Arcolabs is merging with a Chennai based pharma company. Name it.

Ans. Shasun pharmaceuticals

Q3. Through which medium does the PM Modi propose to engage in a chat with the citizens once every fortnight starting from October 3 ?

Ans. All India Radio

Q 4. Which brand is promoting ‘handfies’, a selfie of one’s clean hand, through its website givelifeahand dot com ?

Ans, Dettol

Q5. What feature of Citizen Eco Drive Satellite Wave F100 is pretty unique for a wrist watch ?

Ans. Sync with GPS to give the right time anywhere without making any adjustments

Q6. Which US airline owns 49 % of Richard Branson’s Virgin Atlantic, who talks a lot about being independence ?

Ans. Delta Airlines

Q 7. Which Indian company has launched an energy drink URZZA ?

Ans. Parle under the Bisleri brand umbrella

Q8. California has started a Drop-a-brick movement. What is the aim of this movement ?

drop a brick

Ans. To save water while flushing.. A rubber brick is put inside the cistern.

Q9. The Michelin Man has another name which literally translates in French as The Road Drunkard. What is the other name ?


Ans. Bibendum

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan


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