Weekly Business Quiz # 246

 Q 1. The banks have ordered a Forensic audit on Bhushan Steel. What is forensic audit ?

Ans, Audit that collects evidence suitable for use in a court of law.

Q2. Approx what % of its 67 billion $ revenue does Google earn from advertising ?

Ans. 90 %

Q3. What niche channel is being launched by Discovery in Hindi to enter the General Entertainment Channels in India ?

Ans. Investigation Discovery- a suspense and crime channel

Q4. In which Indian City has Coca Cola started free home deliveries under its online Coke2home project ?

Ans. Ahmedabad

Q5. With which artists would you associate the creative platform Qyuki ?


Ans. AR Rahman and Shekhar Kapur

Q6. Under what brand name does CavinKare the marketer of Chik shampoo market its dairy products ?

Ans. Cavin’s

Q7. In response to PM Modi’s suggestion what has Indian Overseas Bank, TCS and Bharti decided to do as a part of their CSR initiative ?

Ans. Building toilets in rural schools

Q8. This device IBM Simon shown here celebrates 20 years. In what category was this a first ?

IBM Simon

Ans. World’s first smartphone

Q9. What was unique about the Ice bucket challenge taken by Bill Gates in aid of ALS ?

Bill Gates IBC

Ans. Designing and building a contraption himself to pour the ice water

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan


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