Weekly Business Quiz # 245

Q 1. TRAI proposes to charge OTT services like Whatsapp, Viber etc as it is causing revenue loss. What is the full form of OTT ?
Ans. Over the Top

Q 2. IIM Bangalore is the first Indian B School to launch free MOOC. in which platform will they be available ?
Ans. EdX

Q3. Name this Mumbai based software and communications cos a high flier in 2011 with Mundu app, but now has a winding up order bcoz of defaults
Ans. Geodesic 

Q4. Which company has been rated as India’s most admired company in a Hay Group survey for Fortune India ?
Ans. ITC Limited

Q5. Who tweeted “We should look at building Jhakaas (awesome),not Jugaad (make-do) for building #WorldClassFromIndia” ?
Ans. Vishal Sikka, CEO, Infosys

Q6. What is common to Blockbuster, Borders, Circuit City, CompUSA ?
Ans. Bankrupt brick and mortar retailers of US

Q7. What is Omnichannel banking ?
Ans, A seamless customer experience across different banking channels like phone, tablet, Net, ATM, branch etc

Q8. Vistara Airlines is going to be flying in the Indian skies soon. Who are the people behind it ?

Ans. Tata and Singapore Airlines 

Q9. Which group now owns the Barista coffee chain ?
Ans. Lavazza has sold it to Carnation Group

Q 10. Yale is in the news in connection with the Union HRD Minister. Yale is also a popular brand name. In which products category would you find this logo ?


Ans. Locks and security equipment

Q 11. Identify the logo and tell why this company is in the news lately.


Ans. Bhushan Steel, in a bribing case the Vice Chairman has been arrested

Q 12. A British designer has built a luxury alarm clock, shown here. What is special about it ?


Ans. An alarm clock that delivers coffee

Q 13. The Model shown here is Kapil Sharma. Name the advertiser.


Ans. Olx.in

– compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan




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