Weekly Business Quiz # 164

Q 1. Can the Oscar winners or their heirs sell the statuettes legally ?

Ans. The first right of refusal rests with the academy for a value of 1 $.

Q 2. What makes a film eligible for Oscar awards ?

Ans. It has to have atleast one week paid run in the LA County in the last one year

For more read the link.

Q3. If Katrina is the face of Slice, who will be the face of Maaza ?

Ans. Parineeti Chopra and Imran Khan

Q4. After PVR acquired Cinemax, which multiplex chain is set to be acquired by INOX ?

Ans. Fun republic

Q5. Kingfisher airlines has provided the Kingfisher brand as one of the collaterals to the lenders for its huge debt. What is its value ?

Ans. Rs 3000 crore valued by Grant Thornton.

For more read the link.

Q6. In terms of per capita income which is the richest country in the world ?

Ans. Qatar at 98,000+ $

Q7. Obama has decided not to go for the platinum coin option. What was the option ?

Ans. Minting  platinum coins and stamping a value of  1Trillion $ to avoid the debt ceiling legally

For more read the link.

Q8. Name this Internet pioneer and hacker who was a co-inventor of RSS 1.0 and a founder of REDDIT. He committed suicide at 26.

Ans. Aaron Swartz

Q9/ Which brand has become the world’s largest selling PC brand by beating HP ?

Ans. Lenovo

Q 10. Which brand of detergent has become a pain for the retailers across US because of its ease of theft from superstores by drug pedlars ?

Ans. Tide

For more read the link

Q 11. Dialogues from which Tarantino movie has inspired the words of the idea jingle ” u r my pumpkin, pumpkin, hunny bunny ”

Ans. Pulp Fiction

Q 12. Who has been nominated by Pres Obama to succeed Timothy Geithner as the treasury secretary ?

Ans. Jack Lew

Q 13. Which Indian co has been nominated for the notorious Public Eye awards for worst co worldwide for protection of human rights and environment ?

Ans. Coal India

Q14. In 1875 41 replicas of kilogram was made under the International Prototype Kilogramme ( IPK)  from a spl alloy of Platinum-Iridium Why is it in news now ?

Ans. Its weight has increased marginally

Q 15. What is the key distinction between a multilevel marketing and a pyramid scheme ?

Ans. MLM makes money by selling products and not by enrolling new members

For more read the link.

Q 16. Twigs from which tree were recommended by Prophet Muhammad for brushing. It is also a brand.

Ans. Miswak

For more read the link.

Q 17. Which city’s iconic metro celebrated its 150 years recently ?

Ans. London

Q 18. Which US University has honored HCL Founder Shiv Nadar by naming a Chair of Engineering in his name ?

Ans. Carnegie Mellon

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan


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