Weekly Business Quiz # 116

Q 1 At 57, she is still the leading lady. Who or what is being talked about ?

Ans. The Filmfare award trophy

Q 2 In the 70 year history of The economist magazine, they are launching a separate section for the first time for a country. Name the country.

Ans. China

Q 3 You know wifi. Now a new tech has come to transmit data called Li-Fi. What is LiFi ?

Ans. Light fidelity, a new technology where variations in light is used to transmit data. Casio has developed products using this.

Q 4 Which country known as an export power house for many years will report a current acc deficit ?


Q 5. Which Canadian co recently decided to go from a CO CEO model to a single CEO one ?

Ans. Research in motion or RIM

 Q 6. Name the Swedish retailer who has decided not to enter India because of the 30% sourcing norm.
Ans. Ikea
– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan


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