Weekly Business Quiz # 114

Q 1What signifiant change has been made in the duty structure for gold and silver in india recently ?

Ans.  From a fixed amount to a % of price to take advantage of the rising prices

Q 2. Name this Chief Yahoo of Yahoo who resigned from the board of the co he founded yesterday.

Ans. Jerry Yang

Q 3. Today large parts of the net have a black out protesting against SOPA and PIPA. Expand them.

Ans. Stop Online Piracy Act and Protect IP Act

Q4. How do we better know UBISLATE 7+ from Datawind ?

Ans.  The AAKASH tablet

Q 5. Name the two european countries that lost their AAA status given by S&P yesterday.

Ans. Austria and France

Q 6. What surgery was done on 30yr old woman Timmie Jean Lindsay of Texas in 1962 for the first time ? Today it is a full fledged industry

Ans. Breast implant

Q 7. How is the birth of the international finance industry and Renaissance intimately connected ?

Ans. In Florence where bankers commissioned art to assuage their guilt arising out of moneylending

 Q 8. Which company invented the term ‘ civil servant’ ?

Ans.East india company

Q9.  Beer is to __ as wine is to France. Name the country.
Q 10. Which group has signed an MOU with AP govt to set up a sports university on the outskirts of Hyd ?
Ans. Yash Birla Group
 Q 10. In which new car did Farooq Abdullah drive down to FM’s office ?
Ans. A solar powered Reva
 Q 11. Which ivy league business school has appointed an indian Soumitra Dutta as dean. ?
Ans. The B-School at  Cornell University 
Q 12. What is the minimum height for a building to be called a skyscraper ?
Ans. 240m
Q 13. Which product was once called “an armour against pleasure and a cobweb against infection” ?
Ans. Condom
– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan

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