Weekly Business Quiz # 113

Q 1Name the legendary footballer who said ” Beauty comes first. Victory is secondary . What matters is joy”. ?

Ans. Socrates, the Brazilian footballer who died last month

 Q 2.Which ad agency did ad veteran Bal Mundkur who passed away yesterday found ?
Ans. Ulka, now called Draft FCB Ulka
Q3.As per UN what is the replacement rate of fertility ?
Ans. 2.1 percent per annum
Q4. Which is the worlds largest direct selling company ? Clue not Amway
Ans. Avon
q5. Which is the world largest natural gas company ?
Ans. Gazprom
Q 6. What connects G N Bajpai SA Dave UKSinha DR Mehta ?
Ans. SEBI chiefs
Q 7. In Hindustani music muslims are called ustads Hindus are called Pandits. What are PARSIS called ?
Ans. Pandits
Q 8. The govt has made hallmarking of gold jewellery a must in india. What is hallmarking ?
Ans.  Certificate from BIS about purity
 Q 9.About what has Ratan Tata said that it is not a flop but it was a lost opportunity ?
Ans. Tata Nano
Q 10.Today is AR Rahman’s bday. For which bank ad does his mother Kareema Begum under the tag line ‘your dreams are not your dreams alone’ ?
Ans. Union Bank of India
Q 11. Name this heritage brand of cod liver oil from Merck.
Ans. Seven seas
Q 12. What are the two new ways of raising money by company promoters approved by SEBI recently ?
Ans. Institutional Placement Programme and Block sale by promoters through stock exchanges
Q 13. Name the four wheeler,not a car, launched by Bajaj ?
Ans. Bajaj RE 60
– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan

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