Weekly Business Quiz # 112

Q 1. If Ericsson is the technology leader in mobile phone networks who is considered the cost leader ?

Ans. Huawei

Q2. Name this indian start up led by Naveen Tiwari that is emerging as a strong competitor to Google in mobile advertising.

 Ans. InMobi

Q3. Who are the partners of the finance e learning academy started by Mukesh Ambani ?

Ans. PWC and HBS

Q4.  On retirement of the metro man E Sreedharan who has taken over as the new DMRC chief ?
Ans. Mangu Singh
 Q5. Fittingly in a year bad for business and markets which newspaper has chosen NOBODY as the businessman of the year ?
Ans.  Financial Chronicle
Q6. Which PE firm was the Republican nominee Mitt Romney a joint founder of ?
Ans.Bain Capital
 Q7. Name this pioneering computer scientist who wrote a book called Mirror Worlds in 1991 where he foresaw the modern internet.
Ans. David Gelernter
Q8. What is RHEOLOGY a study of ?
Ans. Flow of materials
Q9. Name this innovator who created GMAIL, Adsense and gave the mantra ‘Dont be evil ‘ as the 23rd employee of Google.
Ans.  Paul Burchheit
Q10. What simple invention by Marc Koska has prevented an estimated 10m infections and 5m lives ?
Ans. Auto disposable syringe
Q11.Which govt authority has a NFO for a tax free bond that is currently on and is attracting lot of investments ?
Ans.  NHAI and PFC
Q12.  How are Deepti Salgaonkar and Neena Kothari linked to the Ambani family ?”
Ans.  Sisters of Mukesh and Anil
– Compiled by G.Mohan @go_mohan

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