Weekly Business Quiz # 103

Q1. Which was the first bank to raise savings bank interest rate to 6 % after RBI deregulated it ?

 Ans. Yes Bank

Q2. Name the first woman President and CEO of IBM who will take over from Sam Palmisano

Ans. Virginia M Rometty

Q3. Which Indian woman has appeared for the first time in the Forbes billionaires list ?

Ans. Savitri Jindal

Q4. Who has bought over the Ericsson stake in Sony ericsson joint venture ?

 Ans. Sony

Q5. Which co has launched its first ATM that dispenses gold and diamonds at Phoenix Mills, Mumbai ?

Ans. Gitanjali Jewels

Q6. In the context of IBM what is ‘TWO IN A BOX’ ?

 Ans. A team of two. One consultant and one salesman to handle a client.

Q7. Who owns the sports car brands Porsche and Lamborghini ?

 Ans. The VW Audi group.

Q8. Who is a SOMMELIER ?

 Ans. A wine expert

Q9. Which model of SUV has been launched in RA.ONE ?

Ans. VW Touraeg

Q10. Why is the closing down of Vaishnavi communications front page news ?

Ans. Nira Radia

Q11. As per a Mint study who was the highest paid non promoter executive in 2010 11 @17.3 cr ?

Ans. Debu Bhattacharya

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan


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