Weekly Business Quiz # 91

Q1. Ideas worth spreading is the tagline of which internet site/movement ?

Ans. TED

Q2. Along with life and libertywhat has FInland included in July 2010 as a citizens’ fundamental right ?

Ans. Broadband

Q3. Why are people in US hating David Beers ?

Ans. He is the sovereign rating head of S & P who down graded US

Q4. Name the two Japanese engineering giants that will merge soon to make a megacorp in a bid to become profitable.

Ans. Hitachi and Mitsubishi

Q5. What unique India’s first advisory service will be offered by a new firm founded by Anil Singhvi ?

Ans. Corporate Governance advice to FIIs

Q6. Which Indian textiles major is withdrawing its brands Zapp, Manzoni and Be:Home ?

Ans. Raymond

Q7. Name China’s state controlled credit rating agency that has downgraded US debt rating.

Ans. Dagong Global Credit rating agency

Q8. Name this traditional Iranian cuisine introduced to Hyderabad by Aga Husain Zabeth of Madina Hotel. 

Ans. Haleem

Q9. Name this old baby food brand that has changed hands atleast 4 times from Glaxo to Heinz o Workhardt and now Danone ?

Ans. Farex

Q10. Loyalty programmes of airlines is old hat. Which airport in India has launched a program for travel agents and passengers ?

Ans. Rajiv Gandhi International Airport,  Hyderabad

Q 11. What is GRIHA, the rating system developed by TERI ?

Ans. Green rating for Integrated Habitat assessment  Central university of Tamil Nadu at Tiruvarur will be the first to get this rating among universities

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan



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