Weekly Business Quiz # 86

Q1. As per the CII INSEAD study of Global Innovation Index which country is ranked no 1 and what is India’s rank ?

Ans. Switzerland and 62

Q2. How is the external affairs minister S M Krishna connected to a coffee chain ?

Ans. Cafe Coffee Day chief V G Siddhartha is his son-inlaw

Q3. Who has been appointed as the new CVC chief of India ?

Ans.  Pradeep kumar

Q4. Which new co is positioned itself as India’s first dedicated education loan co. ?

Ans. Credila

Q5. Which bankrupt tech co has sold its patents and patent apps to a consortium of cos for a solid US$ 4.5 B ?

Ans. Nortel

Q6. Why would it be illegal to manufacture and sell SCOTCH whisky in india ?

Ans.  Scotland has taken a GI on scotch in India

Q7. Which car maker has beaten FORD in 2010 to become the fifth largest car manufacturer in the world ?


Q8. What is the name of the new social networking service started by GOOGLE called ?

Ans.Google +

Q9. In private equity jargon what is dry powder ?

Ans.Money raised but not invested

Q10. In recent market share data for cola in US, Pepsi is no. 3. What are 1 & 2 ?

Ans. Coke and Diet Coke

Q11. Toyota has launched its first hatchback in india. Name it.

Ans. Etios-LIVA

– Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter : @go_mohan


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