Weekly Business Quiz # 87

Q1. In which services is Amarchand and Mangaldas is India’s No 1 firm ?

Ans. Corporate Law

Q2. Why are POWER BALANCE wrist bands the new accessory among the hip crowd ?

Ans.  These bands improve meatbolism

Q3. Name the popular British tabloid which is being closed down after it was found hacking into phones and other charges.

Ans.News of the World

Q4. Upto how many transactions per month are allowed without any charge in other banks’ ATMs as per a new RBI guideline ?

Ans.  five

Q5. Which 2 brands of Google will soon be withdrawn ?

Ans.Blogger and Picasa. Renamed as Google Blogs and Google photos

Q6.  IBM ROLEX etc are not sponsors of Wimbledon. What are they called ?

Ans. Official suppliers

Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan



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