Weekly Business Quiz # 69 – Part II

Q11. What is an offline festival of Twitter users in a city called ?

Ans.  Twestival

Q12. Which co manufactures the SNAPDRAGON processor used in cellphones and tablets ?

Ans. Qualcomm

Q13. In venture capital speak what is PIPE ?

Ans. Private investment in public equity

Q14. The director of which prestigious institution has quit after admitting to links with Libya and awarding a Ph.D to Gaddafi Jr.?

Ans.  London School of Economics

Q15. As per a study of top 100 cos in india what % of board members are women a. < 5 , b. 5- 10 c. 11- 15 d. > 15

Ans. B

Q16.What is the SMS limit per SIM imposed by TRAI coming into force from march 21 ? Youth is unhappy with this limit.

Ans.  100 sms per day

Q17. Which Bschool has the dubious distinction of 4 of its board members being caught in scams. The latest being its Chairman Rajat Gupta.

Ans. ISB Hyderabad

Q18. What new app will make the Apple iPAD 2 a musical orchestra?

Ans.  Garageband

Q19. In an Apple-sque manner Nobel winner Mohd Yunus has been ousted from the bank he founded. Name the bank.

Ans.  Grameen Bank

Q20 . What phrase was first used by women activist and writer Nora Frenkiel in 1984 reg professional advancement of women ?

Ans. Glass ceiling

Q21. Scientists are predicting that by 2045 humans with the aid of supra human machines will banish death forever. Name the concept.

Ans. Singularity

Q22. In 1950’s what started as a lab project  Project Muscle to make a sheet glass stronger than steel is now GORILLA glass, used in most smart phones. Name the co.


Q 23. Till the ’50s______ _______ accounted for 20% of IBM’s sales and over 30% of bottom line. Fill in the blanks.

Ans. Punched cards

 – Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter Handle @go_mohan


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