Weekly Business quiz #69

Q1.  In an unfortunate incident R S Ray was burnt alive by a mob of angry workers in Bolangir Odisha. He was DGM of which co. ?

Ans. Powmex steel – Division of GKW Ltd

Q2. The director of which prestigious institution has quit after admitting to links with Libya and awarding a Ph.D to Gaddafi Jr.?

Ans. London School of Economics

Q3. Name the anti trust regulator of India whose approval is necessary for mergers and acq above a limit from June 2011.

Ans.Competition. Commission of India

 Q4. In the US of the top 10 productivity sappers listed by consulancy C G & C nine were sports events. Name the tenth.

Ans.Product launches by Apple

Q5. Which consultancy had advised Bell Labs to sell the cellphone technology as it had no future ?

Ans. McKinsey

Q6. What popular food product was invented by Momofuku Ando in 1958 in japan ?

Ans.  Instant noodles

Q7. Which co manufactures the SNAPDRAGON processor used in cellphones and tablets ?

Ans.  Qualcomm

Q8.  How is the intellectual property of COCA COLA bottle protected? Is it a. Patent b. Copyright c. Trade mark d. Design

Ans.  C -3D trade mark

Q9. What budget provision in the healthcare sector has angered the industry and the consumers ?

Ans. Service tax of 5 %

Q10. Amul : Netherlands , Base : Canada, Karuturi : Kenya. What connects the indian cos to the world cup minnows ?

Ans. Cos who have sponsored the world cup teams because it was cheaper than buying spots on ESPN

The Part II of this quiz will be posted shortly.

– Compiled by G. Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan



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