Weekly Business Quiz # 68

Q1. Who holds the record of presenting the union budget a record 10 times ?

Ans. Morarji Desai

Q2. Which finance minister first broke the old British tradition of presenting the union budget at 5.00 PM ?

Ans. Yashwant sinha

Q3. The big 4 audit firms are PwC, Deloitte, KPMG and E&Y. Name the 5th.

Ans.  Grant Thornton

Q4. Today on why you will not find the well known IC codes on flight schedules ?

Ans. All the air india flights will have AI only

Q5. What is special about BABY GAGA ice cream being sold at a London parlour for £ 14 a scoop ?

Ans. Made out of breast milk

Q6. CMD of which Navratna PSU has been arrested while accepting bribe in the form of gold bricks ?

Ans.  Nalco

Q7. If Rajdhani expresses are trains connecting to capital what are trains within a state connecting to the state capital ?

Ans.  Rajya rani exp

Q8. Which ad agency has a CHARKHA at its reception and calls its office ASHRAM inspired by Gandhi ?


Q9. In the online marketplace SPOTCLOUD what is bought and sold ?

Ans.  Spot market for cloud computing

Q10. Name the creator of AMAR CHITRA KATHA series. He passed away y’day. My tributes to the man who showed me the ‘route to my roots’.

Ans. Anant Pai

Q11. What % of world crude oil is supplied by LIBYA.? A. 1% B. 2% C. 5% D. 10%

Ans. B. 2%

Q12. What is the new high speed technology by intel to connect peripherals and computer called?

Ans.  Thunderbolt

Q13. Under what brand name would Daimler market its trucks made in Chennai ?

Ans. Bharatbenz

Q14. Which MF has launched a debt scheme where the returns would go towards cancer cure ?

Ans.  HDFC

Q15. Which country promotes itself as NO. 1 to fight corruption ?


Q16. Elevator pitch is a very short presentation of an idea. Where did it originate ?

Ans. In Hollywood where scriptwriters narrated scripts on elevator

Q17. With which state govt has TEAMLEASE tied up to create india first vocational university ?


Q18. In which city have the pharmacy association written to doctors to improve their hand writing or type the prescriptions ?

Ans. Mumbai

Q19. With the govt banning the packing of GUTKHA in plastic pouches which indian city will be affected the most ?

Ans.  Kanpur

Q20. BP has announced the largest FDI in india thru the JV with RIL. Which was the largest FDI before this ?


Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan


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