Weekly Business Quiz # 63

Q1. As per GOI, all cos have to adopt IFRS from april 2011. Expand IFRS.

Ans. International Financial reporting standards

Q2. Which PSU bank is headless because they could not find a good SIKH banker ?

An. Punjab and Sind Bank

Q3. Which car co claims to have developed petrol diesel and turbo diesel engines for cars ?

Ans. Mercedes Benz

Q4. Two directionless entry level cubicle mates at P &G went on to become CEOs of two global corps. Name them.

Ans. Jeff Immelt of GE and Steve Ballmer of Microsoft

Q5. After withdrawing ADAG from their logo what other brand of this group is being withdrawn ?

Ans. BiG. BIG TV DTH is now Reliance digital

Q6. How developers are able to afford full page ads in papers like TOI for their undersold housing projects ?

Ans. Barter. Space for equity

Q7. As per historian Ram Guha ‘Earlier Karnataka meant Narayana Murthy, now it means Janardhana Reddy’. Who is he?

Ans. Mining tycoon and minister

Q8. If paid media is adverts, owned media is a co web site, what is earned media ?

Ans. Fan clubs  and other media owned and managed by customers

Q9. In the superhit viral video ‘United breaks guitar’ two brands got huge WOM , one pos & other -ve. Name them.

Ans. United airlines & Taylor

Q10. Which division of WIPRO did T K Kurien head before taking over as its CEO ?

Ans. BPO

Q11. Who has replaced Eric Schmidt as the CEO at Google ?

ans. Larry Page, one of the two founders

Q12. What is a QR code ?

Ans. Quick response code. A 2 D bar code created by Jap co. Denso wave gaining popularity in the 3G world

Q13. No other co is as complex as ___. Not even GE. Says the Chairman of a engg giant as the co splits into nine virtual cos. Name it.

Ans. L & T

Q14. ‘Behind the arches’ is a book chronicling the journey of which global food giant ?

Ans.  McDonalds

Q15. At what price point you will get a bottle of beer, a litre of petrol and a kg of onion ? (Power of Pawar)

Ans. Rs 65

– Compiled by G.Mohan

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