Weekly Business Quiz # 62

Q1. Who said ‘my only identity is Infosys. I will be leading a programme to give identity to every indian. But today i am losing my identity’?

Ans. Nandan Nilekani

Q2. Mobile number portability starts on jan 20. Why do operators expect limited churn due to MNP ?

Ans. Double SIM cell phones

Q3. ‘Value through values’ is the new tag line of which old co. ?

Ans. Tata Steel

Q4. Which bank has launched BANK ON BIKE to tap rural markets ?
Ans. SBI

Q5. Two firms belonging to which group have been recognised as shady by SEBI and banned to trade in sec mkt & penalized ?

Ans. Reliance ADAG

Q6. Name the online sports apparel brand acquired by GAP which will now be sold through brick and mortar stores also.


Q7. With whom has STARBUCKS signed an MOU to enter India ?

Ans. Tata coffee

Q8. What is the fast track route to becoming an ‘enlightened soul’ courtesy TOI ?

Ans. TOI’s new social network site speakingtree.in where one can become an enlightened soul by having 100 followers and writing 30 posts

Q9. In which traditional indian cottage industry item too Chinese have made inroads taking the wind out of indians ? Think Sankranthi.

Ans. Kites

Q10. Which indian car model claims to be the world’s largest selling small car ?

Ans. Maruti Alto

Q11. Which indian domestic airline has placed the largest ever aircraft order with Airbus ?

Ans. IndiGo

Q12. Jeep is almost a generic name for 4 wheel drives. Who owns this 70 year old brand ?


Q13. What new feature in cars will help check accidents caused by drunken driving ?
Ans. Car will not start if driver has alcohol beyond limit

Q14. How has Phaneesh Murthy stolen a march over his former bosses by acquiring his former bosses’ former employer ?

Ans. iGate acquiring Patni. All Infy founders worked in Patni

Q15. Which book is the unofficial guide to the franchisee owners who bid for players in the IPL auctions ?

Ans. Moneyball : the art of winning an unfair game by Michael Lewis

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– Compiled By G.Mohan


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