Weekly Business Quiz # 50

Q1. Connect filmstars Vikram, Mohanlal, Venkatesh, Punit Rajkumar and Akshay Kumar to a NBFC brand

Ans. Manapppuram Finance

Q2. Which MNC has taken a patent for Red Herbal Dentrifice ( Lal dant manjan) in US and may do so in India soon ?

Ans. Colgate Palmolive

Q3. The jeans brand Flying Machine will have a new brand ambassador. He replaces Abhishek Bachchan.

Ans.. Ankit Fadia, ethical hacker

Q4. India is a dubious # 1 as per Global Retail Theft Benchmark study :-). Which countries are # 2 and 3 ?

Ans. Morocco and Brazil

Q5. What is TIJORI a service launched by NCR and FINO in Gujarat ?

Ans.  A micro remittance service operated from groceries etc.

Q6. Bob Guccione’s empire began in ’65 from london with 1170 $ an idea and a mailing list. Name the brand.

Ans. Penthouse the adult mag

Q7. Which is India’s largest rubber plantations co, ? To which group it belongs to ?

Ans. Harrisons Malayalam RPG Group

Q8. As Coal India created a new record in India, which co raised a record 17.8 Billion $ through an IPO in Hongkong ?

Ans. AIG

Q9.With which brand would you associate the listed company PAGE Industries ?

Ans. Jockey

Q10. If Shahrukh : Nokia, Aamir: Samsung , Hrithik : Sony Ericsson , Abhishek : Motorola , Amitabh : which brand ?

Ans. Zen mobiles

Q11. ” I saw web usage was growing at 2300 % p.a. I had not seen anything like that. ” Who said and what did he create ?

Ans. Jeff Bezos Amazon.com

Q12. Which brand has the tagline “the best or nothing” ?

Ans. Mercedes Benz

Q13. With whom will you associate media brands OWN, Dr Phil, Dr Oz and Nate Berkus ?

Ans. Oprah Winfrey

– Compiled by G.Mohan


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