Weekly Business Quiz # 51

Q1. What is a ‘blood diamond’ ? What is the International process to curb it called ?

Ans. Diamond mined by violation of human rights.  Kimberley process

Q2. QE-II is the luxury liner queen Elizabeth. In the context of US economy what is QE-II ?

Ans.  Quantitative easing-round 2

Q3. Celebrations is the brand name of festival pack from Cadbury’s. What is Amul’s festival pack called?

Ans. Utsav

Q4. What is the name of new T20 league in australia on the lines of IPL ?

Ans. Big bash league

Q5. What was the original business of Berkshire Hathaway when Warren Buffett acquired it in 1965 ?

Ans.  Textiles

Q6. A luxury car has been launched in India with a price tag of Rs 16 crore only.:-) Name it.

Ans. Bugatti Veyron

Q7. Which FMCG co has launched YIPPEE brand of instant noodles ?

Ans. ITC

Q8. Which Indian co has acquired Blackburn Rovers to become the first Indian to acquire an EPL team ?

Ans. Venkateswara Hatcheries

Q9. Which brand has the tag line ‘the best or nothing’ ?


Q10. After 3 decades and 220 mn pcs later SONY says ‘production completed’. Name this cult gadget designed by Nobutoshi Kibara.

Ans. Walkman

Q11. SKS Mfin is in the news for wrong reasons. Their headquarters in Hyd was acquired from another (in)famous Hyd co. Name it.

Ans. Satyam


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