Weekly Business Quiz # 49

Q1. Who said ‘Other than Enron, I do not think anyone came close to the complexity and magnitude of fraud as we have here.’ 

Ans. Vineet Nayyar on SATYAM

Q2. How did Hyundai SANTRO get its name ?

Ans.  From St Tropez where the strategy session was held

Q3. Which global CEO describes his management philosophy as ‘whatever works’?

Ans. Jeffrey Immelt of GE

Q4. After Anand Mahindra’s 10m $ which Indian business house has given 50mn $ to Harvard ?

Ans. Tatas

Q5. The commonwealth has 54 sovereign nations. Yet in CWG 2010 there were 71 teams. How ?

Ans.  Each colony has a team

Q6. Which GOI dept recently released ads where in a cut paste job they have shown airplanes emitting Italian tricolour instead ?

Ans.  Income  Tax deptt

Q 7.Mukesh Ambani will soon be moving into his own 27 storey mansion in south Mumbai. What is its name ?


Q8.  Which US fashion retailer brought back its original logo after receiving flak in Twitter and Facebook for its new logo ?

Ans. GAP

Q9. Name the new Tata model which is a crossover. A cross between a sedan, MUV and SUV.

Ans. Tata Aria

Q10. Endiran / Robot is the most exp indian film at 40mn$. What is the budget of HOBBITT the most expensive film being made ?

Ans.  500 m $

Q11. Name the largest movie rental chain in America. It filed for bankruptcy this September.



One comment

  1. Hi,
    Have been following your blog regularly for close to 6 months now. Wish to take this opportunity to appreciate the efforts you have taken to come out with the Weekly Business Quiz week after week. The questions surely helped me to prepare for the Tata Crucible Quiz which we managed to win this year.
    Still remember the year 1999/2000 when the TCS team you were in was in the BEQ Nationals and then in 2004 when you had partnered Sreekanth in the Crucible Finals.

    Aniruddha Dutta


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