Weekly Business Quiz # 48

Q1. Who acquired the video hosting site youtube 4 years ago from its founders ?

Ans. Google

Q2. Indian banking system will soon have CTS , cheque truncation system. How will it help the customers ?

Ans. Outstation cheques will be credited faster

Q3. Why has the cabinet secretary issued a note to ministries to go slow on using ‘GANDHI-NEHRU ‘ name for govt schemes ?

Ans. Poor implementation damages the family ‘brand’ name

Q4. Chicken manchurian is a popular dish in chinese restaurants in india. It cannot be found in china. Who has created it ?

Ans. Nelson Wang of China Garden

Q5. Last week we had the date 10.10.10. Tan tana tan. Name the DTH brand that uses this sound in its ads.

Ans. SUN Direct

Q6. Name this Ahmedabad. based co that became famous for giving HLL a scare in the 80s. Now a pale shadow of its former self it is delisting from NSE & BSE.

Ans. Nirma

Q7. Which sport star owns the company FOOTWORK PRODUCTIONS ?

Ans. David Beckham

Q8. In the context of employee diversity who are G,L,B,T ?

Ans.  Gays, lesbians. Bisexuals. Trans sexuals

Q9. Who struck the gong at BSE when the film co EROS media got listed recently ?

Ans. Shahrukh Khan

Q10. What is the wonder material for which the 2 Russian scientists have been awarded the physics Nobel this year?

Ans. Graphene

Q11. Which computer manufacturer has launched a tablet computer called Streak in India ?

Ans.  Dell

Q12. Fortune magazine has been launched in India. This is only the 3rd country edition besides US. Name the other 2 countries.

Ans. China and Turkey

Q13. Who struck the gong at BSE when the film co EROS media got listed yesterday ?

Ans. Shahrukh Khan

Q14. The SCHENGEN visa is a common visa for many european countries. How did it get its name ?

Ans. The treaty was signed at Schengen Luxembourg.

Q15. Name the film star behind the production house and charity BEING HUMAN.

Ans.  Salman Khan

Q16. The 1983 film AGAR TUM NA HOTE had the first in -film advertising in hindi cinema. Name the brand advertised.


Q17. As per the latest figures released by govt which city or town attracted the largest no of domestic tourists last year ?

Ans. Tirupati

– Compiled by G.Mohan


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