Weekly Business Quiz # 45

Q1. Which PSU major will be taking over the sick PSU Bharat Heavy Plates and Vessels (BHPV) ?


Q2. Which logistics co was founded by Jimmy Guzder? He died recently.

Ans. AFL earlier Airfreight Limited

Q3. Which German city hosts an annual beer festival every year ? It is celebrating its 200th one this year.

Ans. Munich

Q4. Which country is building the SKYLON sky plane which can take 24 passengers to space and land like a plane ?

Ans. UK

Q5. As per the draft mining bill 26 % stake in the mining projects will go to locals. What are the exceptions ?

Ans. Oil and gas

Q6. Which bank is testing an ‘Unhappy Service’ in AP ? It even plans to patent it.

Ans.  SBI.

Q7. After facing employee backlash for its iRace policy which co has decided to put its HR policies ‘on probation’ before implementing?

Ans. Infosys

Q8. Which telecom provider has been given RBI clearance for a limited banking facility thru cell phones ?

Ans.  Bharti Airtel

Q9. In a study conducted by CSE what adulterant has been found in most brands of indian and imported honey ?

Ans.  Antibiotics

Q10. Which corporate production house is behind 14 national film awards announced recently producing Paa, Well done abba, Abhohoman ?

Ans. Reliance Big Pictures

Q11. We read about gold mines, diamond mines etc but why no silver mines ?

 Ans. Silver is usually by product while mining lead zinc or gold

Q12. Name the popular anti wrinkles treatment which is the brand name of ALLERGAN, USA.

Ans. Botox

Q 13. Only 54 hospitals in India have NABH. What is NABH and who awards it ?

Ans. National Accreditation Board of Hospitals . Quality Council of India


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