Weekly Business Quiz # 44

Q1. There are many suitors for PARAS pharma. EMAMI may get it. What brands make PARAS so hot ?


Q2. Which co owns and manages the famous diamond mines at Panna, MP ?

Ans.  NMDC Ltd

Q3. When Tatas sold the Lakme business to HUL the company remained with them and they renamed it TRENT. Expand TRENT.

Ans.  Tata retail enterprise.

Q4. “Mahabharata of Polyester” is the sequel to Polyester Prince by Hamish Macdonald. Who is it based on ?

Ans. The Ambani brothers feud

Q5. Who has authored the book “The March of Mobile Money: The Future of Lifestyle Management” predicting death of paper money ?

Ans. Sam Pitroda

Q6. Which MNC often credited for being the pioneer of outsourcing from Bangalore completed 25 years in India ?

Ans. Texas instruments

Q7. What % of net profits should cos spend mandatorily on CSR activities as per a prop. revision to companies act ?

Ans. 2 %

Q8. According to a Canadian survey which social network is used mostly by narcissists and those with low self esteem ?

Ans. Facebook

Q9. Which variety of mangoes are processed at the mango processing cluster of Chittoor/ Krishnagiri that is used in Maaza, Frooti ?

Ans. Totapuri

Q10. Name this hotshot director who acted in a TVC for FEVICOL where he plays the judge in a tug of war for elephants ?

Ans. Rajkumar Hirani

Q11. Chairman of which real estate group has decided to use his signature as the logo of his group ?

Ans. Mantri

Q12. Name the construction group which will build the tracks for the first Formula One race in india to be held at NOIDA in 2011?

Ans.  Jaypee

 Q13. Name the chairman of HSBC who has quit the top job to become the UK minister for trade?

Ans. Stephen Green

Q14. What is the device that produces the ‘ticking’ sound in clocks and watches ?

Ans. Entrapment

– Compiled by G.Mohan



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