Weekly Business Quiz # 46

1. Which brand has launched ‘made for india’ models of digital cameras with front and back LCD screens for better self pics ?

Ans. Samsung

2. What connects Ashni, Roshni, Lakshmi, Tania to business ?

Ans.  Daughters of tycoons,  now in business. Ashni Biyani, Roshni nadar, Lakshmi Venu and Tania Godrej Dubash

3. While working on an electric car 100 yrs ago who had said ‘electric is the future because you will pump all oil out of the ground’?

Ans. Thomas Alva Edison

4. Name the world’s largest and oldest branded pencil co. It started in 1761. The 8th generation of the family is now running it

Ans. Faber Castell

5. An Indian co Vashishta Wahan claimed to represent a German co to neg. Investment in AP and cheated AP govt. Name the German Co. Clue:- cleverly it shares the same 2 letters as the German co.

Ans. Volkswagen

6. Name the cereal which is gaining popularity among indians. After Quaker, Saffola and Kellogg’s have launched it.

Ans. Oats

7. On whose life story is the movie SOCIAL NETWORK based ? It’s tag line ‘to make 500 mill. friends you make a few enemies’.

Ans.  Mark Zuckerberg- the founder of Facebook

8. Name the century old dictionary which will bring out only the online version of its next edition i.e. no print edition.

Ans. Oxford

9. Name the India born angel investor who is on the US FORBES rich list thanks to his early investments in Google .

Ans. Ram Shriram

10. What is the new international standard for brand valuation ?

Ans. ISO 10668

11. Name the charlatan scientist who came up with a herbal fuel that made news 15 yrs ago. He has come up with a new formula now.

Ans. Ramar Pillai

12. A recent Newsweek cover story puts GE Motorola Petrobras Infosys on its cover. What connects these cos. ?

Ans.  Huge training centres as big as universities

13. Which Indian corp has tied up with Manchester United to start a soccer coaching prog in 240 schools in india ?

Ans.  Bharti

14. Stock market excesses are often explained by a Gordon Gekko quote ‘ Greed is good’. Name the movie from which it is taken.

Ans. Wall Street.. Its sequel is running now.



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