Weekly Business Quiz # 15

Q1.What is the popular name of ‘computer automated turing test for making computers and humans apart’ ?

Ans. CAPTCHA. An MIT project for Yahoo to avoid bots in chats and blogs. Later used in several web-sites

Q2.Dhirubhai observed SHELL closely and dreamt about building a co like Shell. After visiting plant of which MNC in ’65 did Dr Anji Reddy dream about DrReddy’s Lab ?

Ans. Pfizer

Q3. His first invention was an undersock that kept feet cold in summer and hot in winter.it failed. His next was a blockbuster. What ?

Ans. TV . J L Baird

Q4. Aamir Khan showed his genius for cinema marketing very early. For QSQT the family prod. what idea did he use?

Ans. Tied up with DD’s CHITRAHAAR

Q5. “All good things were for export.” is a quote credited to which former indian PM?

Ans. Morarji Desai

Q6. Tirupati Laddu has a GI tag now. What is GI ?

Ans.  Geographical indicators. Spurious mfrs of laddus from other places cannot claim them to be from Tirupati

Q7.In strategy what is a ‘lemming syndrome’ ?

Ans. When cos find false comfort when others are pursuing similar strategies.

Q8. FEDEX had a failed service called ZAPMAIL in the ’80s. What was it?

Ans. A Hybrid of courier and fax service which delivered mail in 2 days. Fax machines became very common and it failed

Q9. The Teesside plant of CORUS  in UK  is being mothballed. What is being done?

Ans. Shutdown indefinitely.

Q 10. Which comic book character’s image or ref is present in every episode of Seinfield ?

Ans. Superman

Q11. What is made from the curds of soybean milk and is often called the ‘Cheese of Asia’ ?

Ans. Tofu.

Q 12. If IC is Air india,9W -Jet airways, IT- Kingfisher, 6E-Indigo then BZ is ?

Ans.Blue Dart Aviation


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