Weekly Business Quiz #12

1.Which is the largest read Indian daily as per IRS, 13 times in a row ?

Ans. Dainik  Jagran

2.Typical among govts, celebrities and investment bankers before a deal is an NDNC response. What is it?

Ans.Neither deny nor confirm.

3.This Indian CEO has stopped consuming the category of products his company sells. Name him and the product category

Ans. ITC CEO Y.C .DEVESHWAR has quit smoking

4.’Ring watch’ is a fashion accessory among the youth. What is it?

Ans.A small colourful watch worn on the finger like a ring- analog or digital

5.Which car showed the fastest growth in sales during Q3-09 in india ? Think diff.

Ans.Ambassador. 223% Thanks to Kolkata new taxi rules

6.Toyota has stopped production in US.Announced a recall of over 5 m cars. What part of the cars have a quality, hence a safety issue?

Ans.Gas pedal gets stuck

7.If Hindi film industry is Bollywood, telugu and bengali- Tollywood, tamil- Kollywood, what is the Kannada one called ?


8.Ambulance and doctors using a red cross symbol would be fined 30000rs. Why?

Ans.It will soon be for exclusive use of Indian red cross society

9.iMac, iPod, iPhone….and now Apple has launched iPad. What is it?

Ans.Tablet computer.

10.What distribution innovation is the Hindi flick STRIKER credited for?

Ans.First indian movie to have an overseas release on YOUTUBE

11.Give one word for a city developed around a major airport.


12. Producer of landmark films like Pulp fiction, English patient….MIRAMAX has been closed down by its parent co.Who ?


13.With which Telugu language TV channel and Newspaper would you associate Jaganmohan Reddy, son of late YSR  the former CM of AP?


14.N Srinivasan of india cements donated Rs. 9 cr to Tirupati temple to buy a machine. What can this machine produce?

Ans.5 lakh LADDUS a day

15.IMAX theatres use an oversized screen and use spl projectors making it an experience. In which country was the first system installed?

Ans. Ontario Place in Toronto.Canada

16.Who is credited with the quote ..”I have always said mega mergers is for megalomaniacs”?

Ans.David Ogilvy

17.What is the reason behind no. of mobile subscribers in India being 20% more than no. of people with mobile phones ?

Ans. Dual SIM phones

18.In 88-89,when HLL mgmt had a lock out in Sewree, the labour brought out a detergent brand just for survival. Name it.


19.This ex-serviceman tasted success first in lace business. Man behind LEELA group of hotels. Padma Bhushan awardee in 2010.?


-Compiled by G.Mohan


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