Weekly Business Quiz #11

1.Which freedom fighter led Tata labour assoc. From 1928 for 9 years and worked towards Indianising TISCO?


2.Lastminuteinventory.com is an Indian B2B exchange for what product.? 

Ans. Unsold media space or time. Promoted by Dentsu

3. 3 IDIOTS, 2 WHEELS, 1 SMASHING HIT. This is the slogan of a scooter. Name the brand.

Ans. Mahindra Flyte. It figured in the movie 3 idiots

4. Air Deccan was the pioneer and Indigo is  leader now in LCC .Even before Indigo was launched the 2 clashed.Why?

Ans. INTERGLOBE Technologies, the promoter of Indigo, handled Deccan reservation system

5. What does Bt in Bt brinjal or Bt cotton stand for?

Ans.  Bio technology

6. IIMA has decided to use ‘cohorts’ process for placement this year. What is it?

Ans. Every weekend firms offering similar roles and opportunities

7. Celebrity endorsers for mobile services..Airtel-SHAHRUKH, IDEA-ABHISHEK, Reliance- Hrithik, Etisalat- ?

Ans. Aamir Khan

8. The story of Maruti 800 is being written as a book ‘The Maruti story’ by one of the men behind its success. Name the author.

Ans. RC Bhargava

9. Which mgmt guru once said ‘In all of recorded history there has been not one economist who had to worry about where his next mealwould come from’ ?

Ans. Peter Drucker

10. Of which International brand are Jubilant Foodworks, the india franchisees for ? In the news for an IPO.

Ans.  Domino’s pizza

11. Which company owns these brands …Philadelphia.,Maxwell house, Oreo, Toblerone and now Cadbury ?

Ans. Kraft foods

12. Created by an Architect ,Alfred Butts in 1948 as LEXICO. In 1950 it was renamed as Criss-crossword. From 1956 onwards this board game  is known as ……

Ans. Scrabble

– Compiled by G.Mohan


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