Weekly Business Quiz # 9

1.What is quarterly charm deficiency ?

Ans.  A general state of ill mannered behaviour seen in executives near the end of a fiscal quarter

2.With which bike brand is the grand prix champ Valentino Rossi associated ?


3.After Jockey and Hanes, yet another inner wear brand ‘american classic since 1851’ has had an india launch. Name it.

Ans.Fruit of the loom.

4.On life insurance industry partners. Tata +AIG, Birla +Sunlife, ICICI + Prudential, HDFC + Standard life . Reliance and ?

Ans.No one. Googly 🙂

5.Which Mulk Raj Anand novel has a title that evokes the tea gardens in Assam where the narrative is set?

Ans.Two leaves and a bud

6.Jack Welch, Jeff Immelt, A G Lafley listen to him. This BHU alum is one of the world’s foremost executive coaches.


7.Which 2 giants are behind the cash and carry outlets BEST PRICE which has two stores in Punjab ?


8.The co calls itself ‘world’s no. 1 fresh dairy co ‘. Has launched flavored milk recently in India. Name it.

Ans.DANONE. Ex Britannia partner

9.Which social networking platform started in the living room of Reid Hoffman in 2002 announced 4 mn members in India recently ?


10.Connect Beat Spark Aveo Optra Cruze Tavera…..

Ans.Chevrolet models in india

12. Coming in the wake of Auto expo, what did Nobellaureate Ramakrishnan mean “it is the fastest vehicle in the city’

Ans. Bicycle. He has 7 of them but no car

13.1 yr ago when he confessed Ramalinga Raju was chairman&his bro MD of SATYAM. Today who are chairman and MD ?

Ans.Anand Mahindra,C P Gurnani

14.What is GEEK GAP ?

Ans.The knowledge gap between those who approve technology projects and those who have to implement them

15.If kleptomania is addiction to stealing, ONIOMANIA is addiction to ?

Ans. Shopping

16.Where will the world’s first ARMANI hotel open for business shortly ?

Ans.BURJ KHALIFA , Dubai – world’s tallest building- half a mile tall

17.3 idiots. The engineering college and hostel shown in the movie was actually shot in a well known B-school. Which one ?


18.Who is a sub-lebrity?

Ans.A non-entity hailed as a star. For example Winners and finalists of reality TV shows


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