Weekly Business Quiz # 650

Question # 1

Which global investor is the sponsor for India’s first retail mall focussed REIT Nexus Select Trust that is in the market with an IPO ?

Question # 2

Name this serial entrepreneur who started his entrepreneurial journey by bringing some old toothbrush making machine that had useful life left during a visit to London. He named it Lazer brushes and became a big toothbrush mfr. Later he entered media, cinema and now edutech.

Question # 3

Aditya Birla Fashion Retail has acquired TCNS clothing, a company that has a number of ethnic brands targetted at women mostly. Name some of their brands.

Question # 4

Through its acquisition of Sproutlife foods, ITC has got control over which brand ?

Question # 5

EV scooter companies like Ola and Ather have decided to reimburse the EV charger amount to its buyers. What has triggered this act ?

Question # 6

Zoho has launched a privacy-centred browser named ‘Ulaa’. How did Ulaa get its name ?

Question # 7

Hikal chemicals, is a joint venture promoted by two families. The name Hikal is a combination of the first few letters of both their family names. Currently they are having a dispute. Name the two families

Question # 8

Hindenburg Research’s latest report has been against a company that itself is known to create panic among company boards due to its investor activism. Name the company.

Question # 9

Reliance Industries has announced demerger of its Financial Services arm Reliance Strategic Ventures from RIL. After the demerger what will be its new name ?

Question # 10

Which company was the first company in India to use the confidential pre-filing of draft papers for an IPO in December 2022, and now SEBI has given the approval in April 2023 ?

Question # 11

Why did the European Union authorities set to fire and destroyed some 2352 cans of Miller High Life as it entered the Antwerp port in Belgium to be exported to Germany ?

Question # 12

With which bank has Apple tied up to offer a Savings Account with a high 4.15 % interest rate ? This is available in US only to Apple users .

Question # 13

As Go First has filed for bankruptcy, who have they blamed for their current financial woes ?

Question # 14

Which Pharma company has acquired the controlling stake in Unichem Laboratories from its promoters ?

Question # 15

Name this Cambridge, England based chip designing firn often referred to as the ‘crown jewel’ of the UK’s tech sector that was established in 1990. It was bought by Softbank in 2006. Now it is going for a mega IPO of over 10 B $ on NASDAQ but will not list in London.

Question # 16

Which large bank has acquired the beleaguered First Republic Bank ?

Question # 17

Name this Turing Award winner Computer Scientist often called the Godfather of AI . His pioneering work in neural networks has led to developments like chatbots. He resigned from Google recently citing his fears about AI.

Question # 18

After Amitabh Bachchan and Ranveer Singh modelling for Kamla Pasand, which two veteran cricketers are now seen in the TV commercials of this brand ?


  1. Blackrock
  2. Ronnie Screwvala
  3. W, Aurelia
  4. Yoga Bar
  5. Misuse of FAME- II subsidies by billing scooter and charger separately and keeping the total cost below Rs 1,50,000
  6. Travel in Tamil
  7. Hiremath and Kalyani families
  8. Icahn Enterprises
  9. Jio Financial Services
  10. Tata Play , earlier known as Tata Sky
  11. The beer was advertised as ” Champagne of Beer”. EU is conscious that Champagne should come only from Champagne area in France.
  12. Goldman Sachs
  13. Pratt and Whitney, the engine suppliers due to which their planes have been grounded
  14. IPCA Laboratories
  15. ARM
  16. JP Morgan Chase
  17. Geoffrey Hinton
  18. Sunil Gavaskar and Virender Sehwag

Compiled by G.Mohan

Twitter IndiaBusinessQuiz@go_mohan


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