Weekly Business Quiz # 649

Question # 1

John Abraham is known for his love for bikes .He earlier endorsed Castrol..Now he has switched brands ..Name the new brand

Question # 2

Godrej Consumer Products has acquired the FMCG business of Raymond for over Rs 2800 crore. What products and brands are part of this deal ?

Question # 3

Identify this digital marketing pioneer who founded Web Chutney. He passed away recently. RIP

Question # 4

Who has taken over from Krishnan Ramanujam as the next Chairperson of software industry body NASSCOM ?

Question # 5

What are these light micro trucks, that have become very popular in US farms , usually imported from Japan called ?

Question # 6

Identify this Indian American CEO of semiconductor company Micron

Question # 7

This American brand named after its founder is known for its spill proof polyethylene plastic containers for storing food. It was sold often by women selling to other women in parties. This company is facing bankruptcy. Name it

Question # 8

Which Indian Pharma co was set up by RC Juneja and his brother Rajeev Juneja in 1991 with a small investment of Rs 50 lakhs and has now grown to a 3500 crore company and ranks among the Top 5 in India ?

Question # 9

Where is Apple opening its first company owned retail store in India, for which Tim Cook has come ?

Question 10

Which gaming company has acquired Rovio the maker of Angry Birds ?


  1. Servo from IndianOil
  2. Park Avenue range of personal care products and Kama Sutra range
  3. Sidharth Rao
  4. Anant Maheshwari of Microsoft
  5. Kei trucks
  6. Sanjay Mehrotra
  7. Tupperware
  8. Mankind Pharma
  9. Bandra Kurla Complex in Mumbai
  10. Sega

Compiled by G.Mohan

Twitter IndiaBusinessQuiz@go_mohan



  1. Dear sir,
    Earlier answers was along with question and now it is at the end. Need to scroll everytime to check or to know. Can’t we do as was earlier.


    • Thanks for your feedback. I changed the format based on feedback of some quizzers who wanted the answer to be hidden so that they can guess. I will check with some more readers .


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