Weekly Business Quiz # 636


After the successful IBQ Annual Readers Quiz 2022 that concluded on 30th December. Our Weekly Business Quiz is back with a bumper set. Look out for the new section this week.


Q1. Swiggy has launched a pilot for a premium grocery delivery service for select invitation only customers in Bengaluru. What is it called ?

Ams. Hand picked

Q2. In the early 1900s , when India was not a tea drinking country , companies like Lipton worked with Tea Cess Committee to promote tea drinking among Indians. How do we know Tea Cess Committee today ?

Ans. Tea Board

Q3. Which film celebrity has a small stake in the skin and beauty care brand Mamaearth ?

Ans. Shilpa Shetty

Q4. Which personal care brand is owned by the company Honasa Consumer ltd that will be soon in the market with an IPO ?

Ans. Mamaearth

Q5. Which company has acquired the mattress maker Kurlon for around Rs 2000 crore ?

Ans. Sheela Foam, the makers of Sleepwell

Q6/ Reliance Consumer Products has acquired a 51 % stake in a chocolate company. Name it.

Ans, Lotus Chocolates

Q7. Eicher Motors has bought 10 % state in the Spanish firm Stark Future. What business are they in ?

Ans. EV motorcycle

Q8. Which buyout private equity fund connects the acquisitions of Eureka Forbes, Crompton Greaves, DFM Foods, Manjushree Technopack and now Suven Pharma ?

Ans. Advent International

Q9. USB Type – C has been prescribed as the standard charging port for electronic products by EU. India will follow suit. From when will this be enforced ?

Ans. March 2025

Q10. There has been a surge in D2C sites in 2022. Companies like Nestle , Dabur, Panasonic have launched their own D2C microsites to collect consumer data, build loyalty etc. Expand D2C.

Ans. Direct-to-Consumer

Q 11. Dhirubhai Ambani left India at 16 for livelihood to a foreign country. He worked in a petrol pump, became a distributor of Shell co products. He made a small fortune by melting the country’s coins . Name the country. Mukesh was born there. Remembering Dhirubhai on his birth anniversary

Ans. Yemen

Q12. Ratan Tata’s first major assignment in the Tata Group was NELCO. He turned it around and even made a success of its TV business with NELCO Blue Diamond..Yet at.its peak he decided to stop TV Production..Why did he do that, that proved prescient ? Happy birthday Mr. Ratan Tata

Ans.. Ratan Tata felt that they could not compete with Korean and Japanese products. Nelco’s workforce was also aging at that time.

Q13. In 2022, many Kannada films became all India hits like KGF 2, Kantara and 777 Charlie..If Bombay film industry is Bollywood , Telugu film industry is Tollywood, Tamil one is Kollywood what is the Kannada film industry called ?

Ans. Sandalwood

Q14. Name this former Chairman of Pepsico India who started his career in Hindustan Lever .. After Pepsico he was also Chairman of Bata India. He passed away recently.

Ans. PM Sinha popularly known as Suman Sinha

Q15. Domino’s Pizza known for its delivery promise of “30 minutes or free’ that has been there for over two decades is now moving to an even quicker delivery time. What is the new standard proposed ?

Ans. 20 minutes


Q16. This design of football , made and sold by Adidas had become standard representation for football since 1950s. The black and white contrast was meant for showing in the B & W TV ..Why was it named Telstar ?

Ans. The ball looked similar to the Telstar Satellite luanched by A T & T

Q17. In the year, 2022 the traders who shorted the Tesla stock made a lot of money. How much did the Tesla stock price go down in 2022 ?

Ans. 65 %

Q18. In which two US states Amazon has started delivery by their drone service Amazon Prime Air ?

Ans. California and Texas

Q19. Name the coffee brand owned and promoted by Pele here. Pele RIP

.Ans. Cafe Pele

Q20. In economics, the _____ ____ of gift-giving is the loss of efficiency that occurs when the value of the gift to the recipient is less than the cost of the gift to the giver. In this case, economists argue that cash would be a more efficient gift. Fill in the blanks

Ans. Deadweight loss

Q21. Budweiser had been a sponsor of FIFA World cups for the last 36 years. It had made elaborate preparations for promoting in Qatar also. Qatar govt banned alcohol two days before FIFA started. Bud even tweeted ” well this is awkward” . What product did they promote in stadia ?

Ans. Budweiser Zero, their non-alcoholic beer

ChatGPT Questions

A new section is being added to the WBQ where questions generated by the ChatGPT tool will be posted. These will usually be MCQs generated by keywords given by ys.

1/ Which of the following companies was originally known as “Backrub” before it was renamed to its current name?

A. Google

B. Yahoo

C. Amazon

D. Microsoft

Ans. A. Google

2. What product made by a Shark Tank contestant became the most successful product in the show’s history, earning over $5 billion in retail sales?

A. Scrub Daddy

B. Bottle Breacher

C. The Paint Brush cover

D. Squatty Potty

Ans. D. Squatty Potty

3. What was the first Tesla car model to be produced and sold to the public?

A. Tesla Roadster

B. Tesla Model S

C.Tesla Model X

D/ Tesla Model 3

Ans. A. Tesla Roadster

4. In which year did Venugopal Dhoot establish the Videocon Group, and in which industry did the company initially operate?

A) 1979 in the electronics industry

B) 1981 in the energy industry

C) 1984 in the telecommunications industry

D) 1986 in the consumer goods industry

Ans. A) 1979 in the electronics industry

5. NDTV was founded in 1988 by which Indian journalist?

A) Prannoy Roy

B) Shekhar Gupta

C) Rajdeep Sardesai

D) Karan Thapar

Ans. A) Prannoy Roy

6. Which of the following statements is true about Chanda Kochhar, the former CEO of ICICI Bank?

A) The first woman to lead a major Indian bank.

B) Accused of wrongdoing on a loan made to the Videocon Group.

C) Awarded the Padma Bhushan,in 2010.

D) All of the above.

Ans. D) All of the above.

7. Which of the following companies is NOT a manufacturer of electric locomotives?

A) Toyota

B) Bombardier

C) Siemens

D) General Electric

Ans. A) Toyota

8. Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of cryptocurrencies ?

A) Decentralized

B) Limited supply

C) Regulated by governments

D) Anonymous

Ans. C) Regulated by governments

9. Which of the following is not a brand owned by the Godrej Group?

A) Godrej Appliances

B) Godrej Properties

C) Godrej Consumer Products

D) Godrej Toyota

Ans. D) Godrej Toyota

Compiled by G.Mohan

Twitter IndiaBusinessQuiz@go_mohan


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