IBQ Annual Readers Quiz -2022

. Here are all the questions and answers asked in the Annual Readers Quiz. They were done in an MCQ forrmat. There were 7 particip-ants who got 30/30 and the average score was 17/30.

For reasons of space, the same are being posted in a Questions and Answers format.

Q 1. Identify the character played by actor Allu Arjun in a Zomato TVC based on a recent hit film 

Ans. Pushpa

Q2. Name the unicorn where the couple Ashneer Grover and Madhu Jain Grover were part of the original founding team.They have since left/ asked to leave after several governance related clashes with the company board .

Ans. BharatPe

Q3. Who has been appointed as the Chairperson of SEBI for three years from March 2022 ?

Ans. Madhavi Puri Buch

Q4. Which company has launched Love Depot, the country’s first sexual pleasure e-superstore ?

Ans. TTK Healthcare

Q5. Identify this businessman, who was Chairman of his group. He passed away recently at the age of 92.  He was called the ” Phantom of Bombay House”

Ans. Pallonji Mistry

Q6. Which highly regarded management publication is having its 100th anniversary in 2022 ?. It is calling it ‘Celebrating a Century of Change’

Ans. Harvard Business Review 

Q7. Elon Musk , the maverick businessman has his quirks about his offer prices.  What was common to his offer price for taking Tesla private earlier and his share price offered and later paid to acquire Twitter ?

Ans. The digits 420

Q8. With which auto startup would you associate the husband and wife team of Jeetender and Rupali Sharma ?

Ans. Okinawa

Q9. Open House with ____ _____.. This is a memoirs of an advertising legend . Fill in the blanks

Ans. Piyush Pandey

Q10. This former HUL Executive has appointed by Colgate Palmolive India as their MD and CEO. Name her.

Ans. Prabha Narasimhan

Q11. Name the You Tube channel created by Alakh Pandey that has become India’s first You Tube startup with a Billion $ valuation.. It even has a web-series made on it. 

Ans. Physics Wallah

Q12. Two Japanese MNCs are coming together to develop electric vehicles.

X will be responsible for manufacturing the first model, while Y will develop the mobility service platform

Name X and Y.

Ans. Honda and Sony

Q13. Which is the Indian company that has entered the Fortune Global 500 this year for the first time, thanks to its listing  and straightaway entered in the top 100 at 98th rank ?

Ans. LIC of  India Ltd

Q14. In India wine accounts for just 1% of all alcoholic beverages. One company, promoted by Stanford graduate Rajeev Samant has been developing this market. It has even promoted wine tourism in Nashik, India’s version of Napa Valley. It had an IPO recently. Name the company

Ans. Sula Vineyards

Q15. President Joe Biden had a big economic plan that included climate change policies  in his manifesto called ‘Build Back Better’..This agenda had to be diluted and modified and passed in 2022.

What is the new bill called ?

Ans. Inflation Reduction Act

Q16. In which Indian pilgrimage centre has Burger King opened its first 100% vegetarian outlet with no onion and garlic ?


Q17. What extraordinary move has the owners of privately held outdoor fashion retailer Patagonia done recently ?

Ans. All the profits of the company will go towards fighting climate change 

Q18. He has been appointed as the new Chairman of ACC. Name him.\

Ans. Karan Adani

Q19. ___ ___  doesn’t mean an employee has left their job, but rather has limited their tasks to those strictly within their job description to avoid working longer hours. They want to do the bare minimum to get the job done and set clear boundaries to improve work-life balance. Fill in the Blanks

Ans. Quiet Quitting 

Q20. Kapil Sharma plays a frustrated food delivery boy in a film directed by Nandita Das…The name is clearly inspired by the existing food delivery companies. Name it

Ans. Zwigato

Q21. Kriti Sanon has moved brands from Bata to a new one. Which one ?

Ans. Skechers

Q22. Which Star footballer has been signed as a Brand Ambassador by Byju’s for its social initiative ‘Education for All’ ? This became controversial because of the timing.

Ans. Lionel Messi

Q23. This is  29 year old Eugene Rochko. He is the only full time employee of the social network he created as a rival to Twitter six years ago. In recent times it has grown rapidly. Name the network

Ans. Mastodon

Q24. What is the name of the app/ web-site developed by OpenAI, which has launched a pilot test, that is creating news about the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence ?

Ans. ChatGPT

Q25. Infosys recently celebrated its 40th anniversary. Here are the 7 original founders..The founders in the first two rows are well known , can you name the three founders in the last row ?

Ans. K Dinesh, NS Raghavan and Ashok Arora

Q26. Which AMC  launched India’s first silver ETF  in January 2022 ?

Ans. ICICI Prudential

Q27. After the Russia-Ukraine war started, McDonald’s pulled out of Russia. Now it is fighting a trademark battle , because those outlets now have a new name but use a modified form of the McD’s Golden Arches logo. The new name is inspired by a famous Anton Chekhov play. What is the new name ?

Ans. Uncle Vanya

Q28. Which Manhattan based investment firm has given a Rs 4 crore package to IIT Kanpur graduates in campus placement ? It had earlier employed controversial Sam Bankman-Fried and Caroline Ellison of FTX and Alameda respectively.

Ans. Jane Street

Q29. Starting as Bharat Vijay Mills , this textile company promoted by Patels in Gujarat found success in the  business of moulded plastic tanks and other plastic products. It did a demerger of the two businesses and invested heavily. Both businesses suffered. Now it is in the bankruptcy court , NCLT. Name it.

Ans. Sintex

Q30. Quantitative tightening is being done by US Federal Reserve and several other Central Banks. Each central bank is doing is this tightening in their own way. What is the term used for the method , when a Central Bank allows their bonds to mature rather than replacing them ?

Ans. Passive Tightening 

Compiled by G.Mohan


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