Guest Business Quiz # 31

Here is a mega quiz of 22 questions from Guest Quiz Master Aniruddha Dutta. The Answers follow the questions. 11 questions are from 2021 and 11 are from 2022.

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  1. In 1921, a certain Clinton P. Biddle brought to attention the plight of the General Shoe Company of Boston thus.

What was this the first instance of a 100 years back?

  • 2. On March 11th 2021, the artist and Beeple and his family gathered to watch an auction that was happening at Christies. Everyday for 13 and a half years, Beeple had worked on this piece of art. The first 5000 days of this project collected together was the first of its kind ever sold at the Christies.

Called “Everydays: The First 5000 days”, what was it the first of its kind sold by a major auction house, something that caught the attention of the Collins dictionary also?

  • 3. The name of this spinoff in 2021, in part comes from this threadlike item used by climbing plants for support and attachment. The name is meant to evoke new growth and working together and not to hint at some kind of medication or a character from the World of Warcraft.

Name this new company which saw the light of the day in 2021?

  • 4. When Coca Cola acquired Thums Up and Essar got into a joint venture with Cellular One, both ran into issues with their distribution.

Which company, which goes by the name of C.E. Infosystems and pretty much in the news in 2021, sensing an opportunity took funding from them to solve their issues, thereby “charting” their own course? 

  • 5. Which project from the world of Apache Software foundation, originally written by Ceki Gulcu is this, which was in the news in 2021, causing many in the world of technology and business to term as one the single biggest and most critical threats of the last decade?
  • 6. Which story, that started in a dorm room and grew “beyond” that, was chosen because it “reflected the full breadth of what the company does and the future it wants to help build”?
  • 7. Nordic Sport is a Swedish company and has the ambition to become a big player in the soccer and ice hockey equipment business. However, the equipment they named after a majestic, enormous hall located in Asgard, ruled over by the god Odin from Norse mythology captured the imagination in 2021.

Which piece of equipment was this, that replaced the “Nemeth”?

  • 8. It was a digital dinosaur and was outdated for a long time. It had always been terribly slow, and it is slow to disappear. It is still dear to some and at the core of the digital infrastructure of some organizations. It finally disappeared in 2021.

What from the world of Microsoft was edged out thus?

  • 9. It was born out as a result of a camera-shy person being unsure of how to pose during a photoshoot for Stern magazine in 2002. This camera-shy trained physicist later added that the “rhombus” also showed a “certain love of symmetry”. Likened to a bridge, a protective roof, and even a sign made between Illuminati members to identify themselves and having an emoji of its own.

What is being talked about and which “newsmaker of 2021” would you associate this with?

10. The term was possibly coined by Anthony Klotz, a professor of management at Mays Business School at Texas A&M University, who predicted it in May 2021. Affecting almost 41% of the working population, the increase in hybrid and remote working seemed to have helped cause this phenomenon.

What was this two-word term

11. A fight that went to the courtrooms in 2019 and fought out throughout 2021 was between a “resilient and innovative” company and another backed by an American multinational. The bone of contention was the interpretation of a part of their name. The cases were dismissed by the courts later.

Which two companies fought this battle and for what purpose?

12. Their famous ad jingle was inspired from a popular children’s song in the 1959 Rajendra Kumar-Meena Kumari starrer Chirag Kahan Roshni Kahan. The product later featured in films including Tamil movies including Gopichand Jasoos starring Raj Kapoor. The ads also featured Shabana Azmi and Smita Patil in the 1970s. Many a winner of Man of the Match awards in cricket matches also received it.

The product launched 50 years ago in 1972 and was a leading player in its market in the 70s and the 80s. It has ceased to exist and is only part of nostalgia now.

Which product is this?

13. A Greek banker by the name of Minos Zombanakis, in 1969 arranged an $80 million syndicated loan from Manufacturer’s Hanover to the Shah of Iran. Associated with the British Bankers Association and the Thomson Reuters, it ran into multiple scandals throughout its run.

Confined to history from 1st January,2022, it has been replaced by many others, one of which would remind us of a person from a political family in India.

14. What term known more by its abbreviation are we talking about?When launched 100 years ago in 1922, it was first called Facts, wanting to emphasize brevity so a busy man could read it in an hour. The name was then changed because it was considered to be “brief”. The infant radio business was also used to promote it with the broadcast of a 15-minute quiz show titled Pop Question which survived until 1925.

One of its most famous association is with someone who is considered to have served as the Speaker of the House of Representatives in the United States.

15. From the “most influential private citizen in America of his day”, what is being described?75 years ago, in 1947, the Lak Hui Chemical Industrial Corporation was established by Koo In-hwoi. It became the first Korean company to enter the plastics industry. One of the other companies it established later produced Korea’s first radio. The brand was famous for hygiene products such as soaps and toothpaste.

Owned by the Koo family, the National Pension Service in Korea and the Mirae Asset Financial group, which famous chaebol is this? 

16. CNN invented cable news in 1980, defined online news in 1995. On 1st January 2022, it launched something which is being considered the most important launch for CNN since Ted Turner launched the network in June of 1980.

Its naming would remind you of offerings from Hulu, Disney and Apple also.

What new offering from CNN is this?

17. Alexander Graham Bell passed away a hundred years ago in 1922. He dedicated his invention of the telephone to a girl whom he had fallen in love with and whose father had opposed the marriage due to Bell’s poor finances.

The father in question, served as the President of a famous society which then brought out a publication which everyone put on their library shelf but only a few read.

Which society and publication is this?


18. 75 years ago, in 1947, he purchased the Overstreet Packing Company, renaming it the Manatee River Packing Company. This sowed the seeds of a famous brand which recently changed hands. Known for long through its mascot – a grass skirt- and lei-wearing pigtailed girl balancing a large bowl of oranges on her head, which brand is this

19. In 1986, Ramprasad Reddy and Nityananda Reddy named their company after this famous person to honor the place where they first set up operations from.

A payment system bearing this person’s name can be used in a location named after this person.

Identify the person whose 150th birth anniversary falls this year.

20. If Coca Cola gave Santa Claus its famous red image, Adman Robert May first wrote of the famous reindeer Rudolph in a pamphlet distributed to children by Santa’s in 1939 at this famous store.

Known for its “Progress Lighting the way for Commerce” sculpture, which 150 old eponymous company is this, which was known for its mail-order catalog?

21. It was originally sold under the title of Li’l Folks, but that had been used before, so they said we have to think of another title. Someone at United Features came up with the miserable title, which the creator hated. It had no dignity.

According to its founder, “Here I was, an unknown kid from St. Paul. I couldn’t think of anything else”.

What was the name chosen and who is this famous writer and cartoonist whose birth centenary falls in 2022?

22. Inspired from the German word for new, it is a platform meant to connect several brands across a universe like never before. Taking inspiration from a word coined by a Greek-Canadian businessman who has invested in quantum computing, users are rewarded with coins which can be earned virtually and physically.

Which experience from a famous Indian conglomerate currently only available to its employees but to be rolled out to everyone else in 2022 is this?


  1. Harvard Business School’s Case Study Method
  2. NFT (Non-Fungible Token)
  3. Kyndryl (spinoff of the managed infrastructure services unit of IBM’s Global Technology Services). Kyndryl’s name is derived from the words “kinship” and “tendril.”
  4. Mapmyindia
  5. Log4j
  6. Meta, parent organization for Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp among other subsidiaries
  7. The javelin used by Neeraj Chopra in the Tokyo Olympics 
  8. Microsoft Internet Explorer
  9. Merkel-Raute from Angela Merkel
  10.  The Great Resignation of the Big Quit
  11.  Bharat Pe and Phone Pe on the use of the word “Pe”
  12.  Luna from Kinetic Motors
  13.  LIBOR (London Inter Bank Offered Rate)
  14.  TIME magazine
  15.  LG Corporation
  16.  CNN+
  17.  National Geographic
  18.  Tropicana
  19.  Sri Aurobindo / Rishi Aurobindo / Aurobindo Ghosh
  20.  Montgomery Ward
  21. Peanuts and Charles Schulz
  22. Tata Neu
  • Compiled by Aniruddha Dutta

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