Weekly Business Quiz # 591


Q1. Which Mutual Fund has acquired the AMC business of Principal Mutual Fund ?

Ans. Sundaram Mutual Fund

Q2. Which tractor major that now has a minority stake in Escorts has announced an increase of stake and become a joint promoter with the Nanda family, the company name will also change accordingly ?

Ans. Kubota

Q3. Which financial services group is launching a website/ app for retail trading of bonds in the secondary market called Bondskart ?

Ans. JM Financial

Q4. Which two airlines in the Tata group are going to be merged first ?

Ans. Air Asia India and Air India Express

Q5. Under what brand does Go Fashion (India) Limited market its apparel ?

Ans. Go Colors

Q6. Which startup promoted by former Myntra CEO Anantha Narayanan has become the fastest startup to become a unicorn ? It acquires and manages brands in apparel, cosmetics, fashion and home categories.

Ans. Mensa Brands


Q7. Why is the extension of Fed Chief Jerome Powell’s term by another 4 years seen as a bit of a surprise ?

Ans. Media was expecting Joe Biden to have a Democrat Fed Chairman.. But he chose to continue with a Republican nominee.

Q8. An Internet collective calling itself Constitution DAO used blockchain technology to pool in money to bid for a rare copy of US constitution coming up for auction. They lost the bid but commentators think that the DAOs are the new trend. Expand DAO

Ans. Digital Autonomous Organisations

Compiled by G.Mohan

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