Weekly Business quiz # 585


Q1. Who are the celebrity promoter couple behind the plant based meat startup Imagine Meats ?

Ans. Riteish Deshmukh and Genelia

Q2. The inventory of coal is at a multi-year low in Indian power plants. What % of Indian power is generated by coal based power plants approximately ?

Ans. Approx 70 %

Q3. An IIT-IIM alumnus has been appointed as the CEO of Fabric and Home Care Unit if Procter and Gamble globally. This unit is the largest unit within P&G. Name him.

Ans. Sundar Raman

Q4. Reliance Retail has launched Jio World Drive a premium retail destination with India’s first roof-top drive-in multiplex. Where has it come up ?

Ans. Bandra Kurla Complex

Q5. Piramal Enterprises (PEL) has announced a demerger of two of its main businesses. Which are the two businesses of PEL ?

Ans. Financial Services and Pharmaceuticals

Q6. Name this technology services company that was started as a division of Kuoni, the Swiss travel Agency, in India. It has now become a global leader in visa processing. It is headed by Zubin Karkaria. The company has changed hands with majority stake taken by Blackstone

Ans. VFS Global

Q7. Which paints brand is disrupting the paints market by bringing uniform price for all colours ?

Ans. JSW Paints

Q8. 3 Indian Premier League teams own 3 teams in the Caribbean Premier league namely St Lucia, Trinidad and Tobago and Barbados. Which IPL team owns which CPL team ?

Ans. KKR-Tringbagi Knight Riders

Punjab kings- St Lucia kings

Rajasthan royals- Barbados Royals


Q9. Which airline has allowed their inflight staff to wear trousers and sneakers as against the usual normal uniforms of skirts and high heels ?

Ans. SkyUp Airlines of Ukraine

Q10. Who is the controversial new owner of the English Football Club Newcastle United ?

Ans. King of Saudi Arabia

Q11. Which country’s army has an electronics intelligence unit called Unit 8200 that takes in 16-18 year olds as a part of military conscription ? They do a short 2 year stint there and are then grabbed by the tech industry. Many startups have been set up by Its alumni.

Ans. Israel

Compiled by G.Mohan

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