Weekly Business Quiz # 584


Q1. RBI has today superseded the boards of two large NBFCs on governance and defaults of debt obligations. Which Kolkata based group they belong to ?

Ans. Srei Infrastructure Finance and Srei Equipment Finance

Q2. Shashvat Nakrani, a 23 year old former IITian is the youngest self made billionaire in IIFL Hurun Rich List . Which company did he found jointly ?

Ans. Bharat Pe

Q3. What regulatory change has made several sugar mills in UP to enter the country liquor business with brands like Miss Rangeeli, Shahenshah,Bunty Bablu, Dabang Gold etc ?

Ans. 18% of the molasses produced by sugar mills have to be given to country liquor producers..This is being done to reduce illegal Hooch production

Q4. What products are marketed under the Tata Shaktee brand ?

Ans. Galvanised sheets ( GP/GC sheets)

Q5. Who is the newly appointed MD and CEO of CRISIL ?

Ans. Amish Mehta

Q6. Identify this management guru who also founded Great Lakes Institute of Management in Chennai..He passed away yesterday ..RIP

Ans. Prof Bala Balachandran

Q7. Toyota India has stopped production of its mid sized sedan model in India after it could not get a decent market share. Name it.

Ans. Yaris


Q8. _____ is a risk-focused interest rates derivatives product. It gives the buyer the right, but not the obligation to enter into an interest rate swap. This recently introduced derivative is attracting interest among banks and corporates in a rising interest rate scenario. FITB

Ans. Swaption

Q9. This UK based publishing group known for its scientific , medical and other journals is the world’s leading book publisher in the world in 2019 with a revenue of 5.64 Bn $. Name it

Ans. RELX Group

Q10. PwC the Big 4 Audit firm has given its employees in US the option to work from any city remotely in perpetuity. However, it has kept the option to reduce the salary on one condition. What is the condition ?

Ans. The salary may be reduced if the employee moves to a lower cost town or city

Q11. Which extinct mammal is going to be revived by Colossal BioSciences a startup using gene editing technology with the objective of combatting climate change in the long term ?

Ans. Woolly Mammoth

Q12. Which country is the leader in filing of patents for the 6G technology ?

Ans. China

Compiled by G.Mohan

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