Weekly Business Quiz # 536


Q1. Eris Life sciences had raised Rs 1741 crore in 2017. This was the largest ever IPO in pharma sector. Which IPO that is opening soon will become the largest ever IPO in pharma sector ?

Ans. Gland Pharma

Q2. Identify this identical twins who are nephews of Rahul Bajaj and both run two successful auto components component companies that make them billionaires in their own right

Ans. Anurang Jain and Tarang Jain of Endurance Technologies and Varroc Engineering respectively

Q3. Pidilite Industries has acquired Araldite from Huntsman Industries,USA. Before Huntsman which Swiss major used to manufacture and market Araldite in India ?

Ans. Ciba Geigy

Q4. Who has Cognizant appointed as the Chairman and MD of their India operations ?

Ans. Rajesh Nambiar

Q5. During the festival E-Commerce sale Flipkart did much better than Amazon as per newspaper reports. Which was the largest selling item by value in India during this year’s sale ?

Ans. Smartphones

Q6. With which Indian motorcycles major has Harley Davidson tied up to sell and distribute their motorcycles in India ?

Ans. Hero Motocorp


Q7. Who has acquired the chipmaker Xilinx in a mega deal ?

Ans. AMD

Q8. Google is the leading search engine on both desktops and mobiles. Which search engine is No 2 on desktops and which is No 2 on mobiles ? Both are different

Ans. Bing on desktops and Yahoo on mobiles

Q9. How did the Spain’s Cludad Real Airport that had low traffic to begin with , reinvent itself during the pandemic and become profitable ?

Ans. Parking bay for planes that are idle

Q10. A new shop has opened in London called Rudy’s. It sells products like baycon, soysage and turk’y. The spellings are deliberate. What is unique about this shop ?

Ans. A butcher shop that sells Vegan meat

Q 11. With which company would you associate Lee Kun-hee who passed away recently ? He transformed the company inherited from his father by focussing on quality and R & D.

Ans. Samsung

Compiled by G.Mohan 

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