US Monthly Quiz- June

 Q 1. What is the name of the OTT platform launched by HBO ?


Q 2. Instagram has started allowing influencers to earn revenue via Ads on the videos. What % of the revenue would the influencers get ?

Ans. 55 %

Q 3. General Electric, a company associated with Thomas Alva Edison, is strongly associated with lighting. But, it has now decided to sell its lighting business. The GE brand of lighting will remain and will be licensed them. Who has acquired this business of GE ?

Ans. Savant

Q 4. Which programming language that has provided jobs to millions of programmers in the Internet era celebrated 25 years recently ?


Q5. Just like the T-Rex hidden browser game in Google Chrome, what game is hidden in Microsoft Edge ?

Ans. Surf

Q6. Zynga has acquired Turkish game maker Peak for $ 1.8 Billion. What popular puzzle games belong to Peak ?

Ans. Toon Blast and Toy Blast

Q7. Microsoft is upgrading it’s Edge browser to most of its Windows 10 users. What is the new version of the browser called ?

Ans. Chromium Edge

Q8. Name this American businessman behind the hotel chain  Budget Suites of America who started an eponymous company to provide low cost living, working and storage infrastructure in space. A module developed by them was deployed in space outside the ISS in 2016.

Ans, Robert Bigelow

Q9. On May 31 this year Crew Dragon a spaceship carried two astronauts to the International space Station . Name the private space company behind it

Ans. SpaceX

Q 10. Which New York based entertainer’s voice can be heard as the voice in Apple Siri as well as Google Maps ?

Ans. Karen Jacobsen

Q 11. Which tech company has taken a patent for taking a group selfie that can be taken with people being at a distance from each other , where photos are taken separately and then combined into one ?

Ans. Apple

Q12. Which device that had been seeing decline 4 years in a row has seen an uptick in sales as e-learning becomes a necessity during lockdown ?

Ans. Tablets

Q13. Which global tech company has a venture fund called M12 and why it is called so ?

Ans. M stands for Microsoft and there are 12 letters in Entrepreneur

Q 14. Merger of which two companies will create the world’s largest food delivery company outside China ?

Ans. Just Eat and GrubHub

Q 15. At a time when digital education is growing fast , Apple has decided to shut its elearning University in 2021. Name it

Ans. Apple iTunes U

Q 16. Which company has an AI based healthcare platform called Edison ?

Ans. GE

Q 17. Apple will no longer be using Intel chips in its MacBooks and Desktops. Which chips would they be using instead ?

Ans. Their own chips

Q 18. Which company is behind the brands Neutrogena and Clean and Clear that is withdrawing all its fairness range worldwide ?

Ans. Johnson and Johnson

Q 19. Why have  major advertisers Unilever and Coke  have  decided to suspend advertisements on  social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook temporarily ?

Ans. They accuse these platforms of promoting divisive content.

Q 20. In US after the #BlackLivesMatter campaign, many companies are having a relook at their brands for e.g Aunt Jemima by PepsiCo and Uncle Ben by Mars. What is wrong with Uncle and Aunt prefixes ?

Ans.  The brands have a history of showing the blacks in poor light. In the US, blacks are addressed as Uncle and Aunt rather than Mr and Mrs.

Q 21. Name this iconic vehicle that was invented by Dean Kamen nearly 20 years ago. The company is now owned by a Chinese company Ninebot. It became popular among police and some niche applications. It is now going out of production.


Ans. Segway

Compiled by G.Mohan 

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