US Monthly Quiz – May

Q 1. With sports and games taking a back seat, Adidas had a demand slump in most of its best selling wear , which two items saw a huge surge after the lockdowns worldwide ?

Ans. Yoga mats and Flipflops

Q 2. What special concession have the organisers of Oscars made for the films to be eligible for the awards next year ?

Ans. Streaming films which did not get a theatre release would be allowed

Q 3. Microsoft has a video game subscription service that is like a ‘Netflix for video games’ , that allows subscriber to access a catalogue of video games for a monthly fee. Name it

Ans. X-Box Game Pass

Q 4, Berkshire Hathaway’s annual shareholder meeting is held every year at Omaha and is a pilgrimage for the value investors who go to hear Warren Buffett Charlie Munger and others. What about this year ?

Ans. Video streaming

Q5. “Our ____ position was a mistake. Berkshire is worth less today because I took that position… There are other decisions like that.” Warren Buffett confessed in the Berkshire Hathaway meeting. Fill in the blank with the industry name he mentioned

Ans. Airlines. Berkshire has sold all their stakes in the 4 airlines they had stake in

Q6. Name the pharma company that makes Remdesivir, a drug that has shown a shortening of recovery time for Covid 19 patients

Ans. Gilead Sciences

Q7. Which global technology major has announced a holiday on May 22 to all its employees to address work-from-home related burnout ?

Ans. Google

Q8. What is the term used for prioritising when faced with resource constraints..Doctors are prioritising patients for treatment, VCs are selecting startups for saving and product managers choosing products from their portfolio ?

Ans. Triaging

Q9. What metric is derived on the basis of the answer to the question ” How likely is it that you would recommend our company/product/service to a friend or colleague? ” The scoring for this answer is based on a 0 to 10 scale. The score can be -100 to + 100.

Ans. Net Promoter Score

Q 10. What product has Johnson and Johnson withdrawn from US and Canada markets after demand fell due to large number of lawsuits against it ?

Ans. Talc Powder


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