Weekly Business Quiz # 497


Q 1. Who has been selected by McDonalds to be their new franchising partner in North and East India ?

Ans. MM Agarwal

Q 2. As per Rishad Premji, the Wipro Chairman, why do they prefer to take small stakes in startups through Wipro Ventures, rather than acquiring them ?

Ans. He is afraid that the process driven culture of Wipro will destroy the startups

Q 3. Which company owns the premium footwear brand Carmicci ?

Ans. Paragon

Q 4. February 1 was the birth centenary of  business leader Mahendra Swarup. Which market leading industrial co did he found ? This company continues to this day to advertise only in the right hand corner of the first page of leading newspapers.

Ans. Paharpur Cooling Towers Ltd

Q5. Arvind Krishna will succeed Ginni Rometty as the next CEO at IBM. This IIT Kanpur alumnus has been working with Indian govt through Niti Aayog to use Artificial Intelligence. Arvind was involved in use of AI in which sector in India ?

Ans. Agriculture

Q6. On January 31, 2020 which Indian company had the largest number of employees, over 78,000, retiring on a single day ?


Q7. After Coca Cola left India due to govt policy in 1977, the govt decided to make a brand of cola through Modern Food. Who gave the name Double Seven and even won a Ra 10,000 award for it ?

Ans. HV Kamath of Janata Party

Q8. Why has the Bombay High Court restrained Balaji Wafers from making and selling its Rumbles brand of potato wafers?

Ans. The design of Rumbles was too close to the design of Lays Maxx

Q9. Under what brand-name has TVS Motors launched its Electric Scooter ?

Ans. iQube

Q 10. Which city has been voted by the Tom Tom Traffic Index to have the highest traffic congestion in the world ?

Ans. Bengaluru

Q 11. Which well.known business leader touched the feet of Ratan Tata in an awards ceremony ?


Ans. N R Narayana Murthy of Infosys

Q 12. Name this brand of Indian footwear.Till the 1980s it was competing with the likes of Bata. It had Prakash Padukone endorsing it. This brand was acquired by Khataus in 1984. It had tie-up with Puma. It became sick in 1990s. The brand rhymes with a phrase currently in the news.

Ans. Carona

Q 13. The govt has issued an Expression of Interest inviting bidders for sale of equity of govt’s share in Air India. What % of goverment stake is being put up for sale ?

Ans. 100 %

Q 14. In what campaign will.Sachin be seen soon ? Here he is signing the deal

Ans. AMFI’s “Mutual Funds Sahi Hai”  campaign


Q 15. The share prices of Japanese co Kawamoto have quadrupled in January. Share prices of South Korean cos. Mona Lisa and Kukje Pharma have also surged. What do these cos produce ?

Ans. Masks and other equipment for protecting against Corona Virus

Q 16. BorgWarner has acquired Delphi Technologies ..This will lead to consolidation in which industry ?

Ans. Auto Components

Q 17. Both X and Y were must-have holiday gifts, helping drive unprecedented results for the category,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said, as he announced the Quarterly results. What are X and Y ?

Ans. Airpods and Apple Watch

Q 18. Fortune brings out various lists like Fortune 500 every year. It comes out with a List of lists called Blue Ribbon companies. A list of cos that figure in multiple lists. In 2019, only 2 cos figure in 7 out of its 9 lists. Name them

Ans. Accenture and Facebook

Q 19. Which UK newspaper has announced a ban on all fossil fuel advertisements because of the pollution concerns ?

Ans. Guardian

Q 20. Google.has developed a new chatbot that it claims is superior to any because of the exposure of this bot to a huge volume of social media conversations . It is under test and will be released later. What is the chatbot’s name ?

Ans. Meena

Q 21. Why is a a tune from Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony composed in 1823 , No 1 in the UK , iTunes music charts now ?

Ans. The EU Anthem is based on this tune. EU Anthem was remembered as UK left EU on 31st January, 2020

Q 22. When an American Airlines direct ticket from Hong Kong to New York for May 20 is sold at $2788 , a China South Airlines from HK to NY is being sold at a steep discounted price of $193 only. It has a stop over for 6 hours 35 mins in one airport. Where ?

Ans. The stop over airport is Wuhan, the city at the hub of the Corona virus

Q 23. In which US company Indian American Sandeep Mathrani has been selected as the CEO ?

Ans. WeWork

Q 24. From which Latin American country has Uber exited because the app violated competition norms ?

Ans. Colombia

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