Crucible Diaries | Indore(Corp) 2019

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Greek, Israeli, Macedonia, Chilian are types of what? 

Hint: Something available in every Lunch & Dinner. –  Types of Salad.

Football Club owned by which Chinese company? 

Hint: Think of the biggest Chinese Company.

These are the coins from which emperor’s rule?

Hint. A stadium was named after him till recently. Anil Kumble took Ten Wickets here. 

Feroz Shah Kotla 

James Dewar invented what?

Hint : Something found in our homes and hospitals.

Thermus Flask

Id the logo. Hint : Look at the two-letters in the image carefully. One of the oldest index.

Dow Jones Index

Which cosmetics gets it name from latin word for Snow white? – NIVEA

DAN Brown book – A Question on Alpha Romeo. Hint: James Bond Car.

A question on CISF

Which giant company in their name has last letter T to denote teams? – Microsoft

Origin of term Whistle Blower

Which word came from old French meaning  “chatter of birds”? – Jargon

X was founded in 1902 by two British entrepreneurs AN Turner and AC Wright as X Paints Colour & Varnish Ltd? – Shalimar Paints

What is the color of letter e in Google? – Red

A question on Jamnalal Bajaj. 

Which energy drink was founded by this coach? – Gatorade

Question on Champak Comics

Question on Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Photo of V.G SIddhartha shown


Buzzed as soon as the picture appeared

First Maruti 800. Sanjay Gandhi being the chairman.

Which bank was founded by him?

State Bank of Indore

Which Bank celebrating 25 years?

IndusInd Bank

Photo of Ravi Modi + Virat-Anushka. – Manyavar

Question on Hind Pocket Books

Advertising professional who was also a Ranji Player? – Piyush Pandey

A question History of Hand Pull Rickshaws

Origin of the term Diwan.

Origin of the word Gounge

These designs are types of What?

Types of Parliament

A question on Godrej history

 Apache Helicopters supplied to Indian Airforce by whom? –  Tata Advance System

Place named after him in Delhi?

Khan Market

Connect General Electric, Bhishma Statue in Gurgoan and RCA. – General Electric.

A Vintage Ad of Tata Steel.

Sunny Leone photo on JCB ki Khudaai – JCB

Founder of?

Braille Laptop by some IIT.

Book by?

Feroz Gandhi

Origin of the word Patch in Software.

The questions from the Indore regional round of  Tata Crucible Corporate Business Quiz were shared by  Sanmay Agarwal.


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